I (F22) am Daddy’s bitch

So, earlier today, I was hanging out with one of the guys I’ve hooked up with the last couple of weeks. We decided to go get lunch. I was constantly flirting with him and laughing at everything that he said. When we got back to his place, we sat on the couch to watch Netflix. I was getting handsy. I felt his hand go up my skirt. We eventually started to kiss.

Lamar (M30) took me by my hand and stood up. He started to walk behind me and pushed me along to his room. I stood still a couple times. Both times, he lifted my skirt and spanked me. We finally got to his room. He laid on his bed. I seductively crawled up to him while saying “The only purpose I have in life is to please big, strong masculine black men.” We continued to make out. He rolled my skirt up and started to squeeze my ass.

Lamar moved my top out of the way and started sucking on my boob. While doing so, he sat up. He laid me down on the bed and started to finger me. He ate me out soon after. I took my top off while he was eating me out. After, he got on top of me and started fucking me raw.

I started to give head right after. I deepthroated. He even face fucked me. We did cowgirl right after. I took control for a couple minutes. I gushed immensely. He was fucking me through it. I laid on him, screaming, and shaking. We continued with doggy. I didn’t squirt but my legs did shake. He came in me soon after. I got dressed, kisses him, and left. Right before I did, I told him that I’ll miss Daddy.

NSFW: yes

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