I F20 fucked my bfs friend M20 after I found out my bf was cheating

Me and my bf started dating in high college and have been together for over 2 years. He at all times treated me like a queen, and fucked me like a whore, which is all I wanted in a relationship. He told me he was in to blondes and skinny girls, which describes me well.

Well, turns out this whole time he was fucking some brunette girl on the side who’s honestly not that far away from being a plus sized girl. Not only did he lie to me about being loyal, he’s lied to me about his type to. I haven’t told him that I know yet, but a friend of mine showed me evidence and I went through his phone so I know for sure he’s been cheating on me for some time.

Well, instead of just breaking up with him, I decided to do things a little differently. I still get his cock on a regular basis, but I also started talking to a friend of his. He’s hot and he seems super nice. One night, I went over to his place and seduced him by showing up in nothing but my underwear. It wasn’t long until he was fucking me on his bed, making me grab the sheets and drool. He came in me, and made me moan so hard. I took a selfie of us in bed afterwards naked and sent it to my man. He was furious, but then I told him I know he’s been cheating.

NSFW: yes

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