I F18 The good Christian girl next door F21 watches me when I’m naked, and I’ve been putting on a good show for her


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Last month, I observed her watching. She’s not exactly cunning.

I had just returned from a long trip with a companion, and I was filthy and sweaty as hell. Although it was October, it felt like July. My room has two windows, one facing the street and one facing my neighbors. My AC unit is at the one facing the street.

I entered my room, removed my filthy hiking clothing, turned on the unit, and stood naked in front of it. It was so cold that I just stood there for a while, eyes closed, swaying side to side. Standing there, I felt like I could fall asleep.

Then I felt compelled to peek out my other window, which I did. I peered through my neighbor’s window. And there, peering back at me, was the family’s daughter.

She’s really attractive, but she’s also the type of person who questions it. Wears loose clothes and doesn’t put on makeup. There’s definitely something going on with sexually conservative parents. Every Sunday, I watch them drive to church because we live right next to one (they do it from their cars, don’t worry). That’s my best estimate.

She ducked out of sight when she noticed me looking at her. For a split second, I was afraid and embarrassed, but then my inner sexual monster took control and I got incredibly turned on. Fantasies flashed through my mind, but I disregarded them.

I strolled up to my window and looked out at hers. I was curious if she was interested in me or just watching others. She never appeared again. Her drapes eventually closed. I was dissatisfied. And yet hot. As a result, I took a shower.

When I returned to my room, it was getting dark, so I turned on my lights and left the curtains open all the way. I resolved not to peek out the window even once. I wanted her to pay attention.

I dried myself off with a wide robe. I took out my wand. I started getting ready to leave. It was simple because I’d been horny all day and my body was raw and weak from walking for so long. It was a massive relief.

I held the wand to my chest, pinching myself with my other hand. I pushed up against the wall opposite the window. I fiddled with my robe, allowing it to fall open.

I went on for around 5 minutes before switching to my fingers. When I opened my eyes, there she was, observing me. I immediately averted my gaze. I didn’t want her to disappear again. I tried to glance out of the corner of my eye, and she appeared to be still present.

After a few minutes, I ended myself. The orgasm was fantastic. It felt much better knowing she was watching.

This all laid the groundwork for our window-relationship. I’d stand naked in my room, eyes closed, masturbating. And she’d keep an eye on things.

After taking a shower one day, I discovered a camera, or what I assumed was a camera. Her room was dark, and there was a flashing red light at her window that hadn’t been there before. I knew she was interested in photography, so a camera seemed appropriate.

For a brief moment, I pondered stopping there. While I supported it, a camera may be too far. This could mess with her head in some way, giving her the false impression of how everything operated.

But she was not a child. She wasn’t a moron. And it was definitely quite evident I was observing her. But perhaps I should make it clearer.

I took out a notebook, a thick pen, and scribbled, “I KNOW YOURE WATCHING YOU LITTLE PERV,” then held it up to the glass for a few seconds. I removed it, created a new page, and said, “YOU DONT NEED TO BE SO SECRET ABOUT IT.” There is a new page. “I WANT YOU TO STAY AND WATCH.”

I then tossed the journal apart. Masturbated as usual, make a film of it for her. I then went to bed.

It changed after that. She was sitting by her window the next night. Watching and paying attention. I offered her a friendly wave. She returned a shy little one.

I took out the journal again. “WHAT DO YOU LIKE WATCHING FOR?”

She took a breather and grabbed some paper. “I think you’re very pretty.” She had lovely handwriting.


She typed “lol”

So I went about fulfilling my end of the bargain. Finally, I’m able to keep an eye on her. She was very interested in it. It was just wonderful. Is adorably cute.

I’ve recently noticed her arm moving up and down. She shivers and closes her eyes. She’s probably masturbating with me right now. She wasn’t previously. I pondered writing her about it, but I didn’t want to make her feel bad about herself. I hope I could teach her something. Get your hands dirty.

NSFW: yes

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