I (F18 at the time) got worked out on in my BFF’s dad’s basement [26F]

i had messaged my best friend a few times that day to see what she is up to, but she never answered and me. more time passed and i started to get a little bit worried so i decided to just go to her house and see what the deal was. it wasnt much like her to never ever answer her phone or things like that.

so i got there and i knocked on her door and her dad answered the door (yeah we both still live at home lol). i asked him if everything is okay and he told me that she was spending a few days with her mom (they are divorced) and they were out somewhere where i guess they didnt really have a good cell signal. phew – everything was okay.

well, her dad asked me what i was up to (hes known me since i was in about kindergarten and ive grown up around him) these days and i said “nothing new” thinking to myself that this was a pretty big lie all things considered. he says to me “well, i was thinking about hitting up the gym downstairs and i wouldnt mind having a spotter if you dont have anything going on”. my first though was like..hmmmm i never say no to watching a man working out even though half the weights hes lifting are heavier than me so im not going to spot anything sooooo i kinda have an idea things might be happening and maybe i shouldnt….and then the slut brain takes over and so i say “yeah sure i can spot you” and i come in. we head down into the basement gym.

i go into his gym, which is pretty new and i had never seen it before and its really nice. i mean like…this is an amazing gym. so i say “oh wow this gym is fucking amazing!” and then i apologize for saying the word “fuck” because like i said hes known me since it was little and we have a fatherly thing going…but he says “oh you can say it as much as you want. i dont give a fuck”. now, he says to me “i just need to go change and ill be back” and my mind starts thinking about whether hes going to come back wearing nothing or whats about to happen. well, i was kinda let down a little bit when he came in wearing shorts and onw of those workout tank tops guys wear when they wanna show off their arms. i was liking this. (and to set the tone for me. i was just wearing some short shorts and a tshirt so nothing super hot either). he starts showing me around the gym and we get to his squat stand and hes like “this squat stand is my absolute favorite. it lets you work out so much of your body with the one movement. you wanna try it?” and agreed but im not super strong. i run a lot and i do a lot of bodyweight workouts but i dont squat weights, so we decide to just have me squat with a bar.

i get in position and i go down for the first squat and as i come back up, hes kinda shaking his head. i asked him “whats wrong” kinda laughing and he says “your form is really bad, you need to close your legs a little bit and bring them shoulder width”. i move my legs a bit and ask if thats about right and he says yes and so i go down for another squat and again hes kinda shaking his head. “oh no what did i mess up this time?” he tells me “youre form is bad and if you were lifting anything heavier you could throw out your back, here let me show you”. he stands behind me and puts his hand on my hips and starts to guide me down into another squat..hands on my hips the whole time and, as i could see in the mirror, eyes glued to my ass as i squat. “ok that was much better” he said “no go for one more” while his hands were still on my hips. i go down for one more squat and this time, as i go down…his hands dont really go down with me…they slide up my side and back down as i stood back up…”much better” he said “again”. i was a bit mind blown at that point…even though i kinda expected something i didnt really think he would do it and now im starting to get really excited and horny. i go down for my next squat and again his hands dont go down with me but this time they slide up under my shirt and both hands grab my boobs. i guess fatherly is out the window and now he wants to make himself my daddy… “good” he says “again…” and i go down for another one. this time as im coming back up he grabs the waistband of my shorts and pulls them down about halfway down my thighs. “mmmm again” and so i squat one more and as i come up…my shorts are now around my ankles…”again” he says and i do two more as hes watching me squat half naked and moving around in front of me. he stands in front of me and says “again…” and starts to pull down his shorts and reveal a hard cock…little bigger than average, very veiny…yummy looking…as i go down for my next and last squat, he stands in front of me, grabs the bar from me…leaving me squatted with a cock pretty much in my face. well..now that im not busy with a bar i guess its time for a shaft.

without thinking i move my head forward and take his cock on my mouth. i felt slutty and dirty sucking the cock of someone ive known almost as long as i can remember, but the salty precum quickly made me forget about any awkwardness and i really begin getting into it. “mmmmm you suck better than you squat” he says with a little smile as i look up and say “mmmhmmm” which is all i could say with a cock in my mouth. after a few minutes of me sucking him slowly to begin, then a little faster, he takes his shirt off while im busy working on his cock then he pulls back a little bit until hes out of my mouth, grabs my shirt and pulls it over my head and throws it on the gym floor. then he pulls his shorts off completely and i step out of mine as he looks me over from head to toe and admires me. all of a sudden he just picks me up starts carrying me “where are we going?” i asked. “upstairs to my bed…” he says and all i could mutter is “mmm fuck” to which he responds “thats right…fuck” as he’s carrying me up the stairs to fuck me in his bed.

when we get into his room he tosses me onto the bed on my back and stands there looking at me. “youve grown into a beautiful woman you know” he says and i smile back at him and say “thanks”. he grabbed me by the thighs and positioned me on the bed so that he can comfortably fit between my legs and he grabs his cock and slides the head up and down my lips to make sure were both lubed up enough for whats next..then he slowly guides the head in making me let out a cute little moan…i think that moan might have given him some extra motivation because the rest of his cock slipped in a lot faster. feeling him thrusting inside me felt amaaaaazing. “how does that feel sweety?” he asks and i said “mmmmm……soooooo…..fucking…..goood” in between thrusts as he starts to pick up his pace and slam into me harder and harder. it was starting to feel so fucking amazing and i felt like a enormous slut and that only turned me on more making me kinda get close. well…if you read my other stories you might know that when i get close i begin to close my legs a bit…i guess its my instinct to try and hold guys inside me 😉 well…he started hitting it hard and i started getting closer and closer and so i tightened my legs around him…well…that sent him over the top and all i could hear was “fuck…..no….aaaaaaarrrghhhh” as i started to feel the throbbing inside me. i knew what that meant and i started to giggle. he wasnt super happy about it and said that wasnt the right thing to do and that i basically made him cum inside me but my laying there and his cum dripping into his bed sheets calmed him down pretty fast…or maybe it was my “im sitting here naked and full of cum” smile…i dont know..who knows lol

he takes another few looks at me and says “you need to go take a shower and wash out whatever you can, then you need to go downstairs and get your clothes”. at that moment i felt like i couldnt feel any dirtier…then he says “after that we need to take you to <big_chain_pharmacy>”

fwiw…we didn’t need to go to a pharmacy but the wondered that he believed he had knocked me up was really hot…that he risked knocking me up int he first place made me feel like a whore. we eventually did this a few more times before he recently moved half way across the country leaving the place to my best friend. maybe someday i’ll visit him…

NSFW: yes

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