I [F] let my friends to mistreat me anyway they see proper [22F]

Believe me, it’s just as bizarre in person as it sounds. I’m still unsure of how I feel about these ties today.
My little group of buddies is made up of three lads and one other girl. It all started with a simple truth or dare. I said that “humiliation” was my biggest kink when asked what it was. My friend gave me a challenge to end the night in only my underwear after the second round. After I completed it, the day went by and nobody continued to think about it.
I said, “I’m not a fucking bottom,” to her remark, “Shut up you’re literally a bottom you shouldn’t be arguing this hard.” On another occasion, my buddy and I got into a fight when we were hanging around and playing jackbox games (the kind you link to your phone) (not a real one, just like a joking one with some stupid question). She leaned forward and murmured, extending her hand, “Give me your pants.” I stuttered through an awkward giggle, but she didn’t laugh. I’m not gonna lie; the only reason I did it was because she gave me such a heated feeling. I listened, took off my underwear, and hurriedly put my pants back on to avoid the lads in our group from seeing too much. She said, “I told you so,” as she stuffed my underpants into her pocket after I gave them to her.
We didn’t begin having orgys right away, so no, we didn’t. We’re all now sort of like closed-off kids. We simply carried on with our game as if I hadn’t just pulled down my pants since no one wanted to respond. That day, just that existed.
Anyway, I won’t go into the whole process since it may take forever, but in general, it began off slowly and developed significantly over the course of approximately a month. One of the guys jokingly said, “When is it my moment to instruct her what to do,” as she grabbed my underpants once again. She answered, “Next time.” He jokingly told me to take off my shirt the next time we went out. I cheerfully agreed. And then it went from being made fun of to a different person telling me what to do each time we got together.
Around six months ago, this started. They have been subjected to an extraordinary degree of humiliation, and I’m not even exaggerating. When they asked about my limitations, I virtually had none. They had me use the toilet with the door open and spend the day hanging out with them in my underwear, which was my fault. I was left naked and alone outside the house. I am only permitted to wear diapers because I can fit inside of one. I had to go outdoors to relieve myself.
Seriously, I have no concept how sexy this makes me feel. Things don’t get destroyed like that in our group. For instance, when I was in diapers, we just engaged in our routine game-playing.
They just started giving out fines and rewards during tournaments. If I lose, I’ll get a paddling. like, actually And if I win, I get to urinate inside instead of outside. It’s remarkable how sexy these quiet males actually are.
It’s good that we probably won’t ever participate in sexual activity. This is at least presented as funny for naive young people.
If this article is trendy enough, I’ll write about any new stuff they have me do. I am aware that this appears ludicrous, and I have no clue how things have come to this. I need you people to believe me because my dignity has been completely crushed and I need to save my sanity. I’m aware that this subreddit is home to a lot of fake news, but the pizza delivery guy in a diaper and a T-shirt really knocked on my door.

NSFW: yes

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