I [F] assisted my brothers friend when he asked for it [22F]

I asked you whether I need to assist my friend’s brother last week. Sorry about that, it was deleted since it had broken the rules. Anyway, I received a massive amount of answers. Others of them instructed me to give him a blowjob, some were fairly typical with simply “yes,” and some provided me a guide on how to deal with 18-year-olds. I actually don’t want to do that; instead, I want to give him a little more confidence. I don’t want to instruct him in fucking.
Anyway, I definitely made the decision to assist him. I was watching for the best chance. Short version of the story: I ran into him at the grocery store in the midst of the week and had an epiphany. He was in line behind me, so I said I didn’t have my wallet and that I would owe him a lot of money and that I would bring him money on Friday when I was scheduled to see his sister. That was a brilliant solution, and I now had a reason to knock on his door.
So I did earlier today: I opened the door, gave him the money back, thanked him a million times, had a little chat, and then, just before I had to leave, I asked him if he could keep it a secret. I told him that I would like to give him the money back, but it had to remain a private matter between us. Because I had previously given him money, he seemed rather bewildered. As I got close to his crotch, I grabbed his thigh and said, “I’d want to offer you a hand for your assistance.” He nodded despite being very perplexed and horrified. I took down his zip and extracted his cock. His incredibly good cock was my first amazement. Sizeable, in excellent form, and shaven. I smiled at him as I gently began to stroke him and gazed into his eyes. The second shock was that I underestimated my slut reaction. I stroked him for about ten seconds before I accidently leaned in his direction and took a bite off of it. I don’t remember how long it took, but it was quite rapid and I had him in my mouth.
He expressed regret for not forewarning me that he was cumming, but it was still very good. It was tasty. I gave him a grin, reassured him that everything was OK, told him I only wanted to make him happy, mentioned his lovely cock and how it should really remain a secret, among other things.
I became instantly aware of how drenched I am as soon as I left his room.

NSFW: yes

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