I cleaned them both before she got him to take me

Coming home after a night shift ya never knew what I would walk into. That morning was no different, I walked in, and went to the bedroom as I all the time did, and there she was my gorgeous lady, her legs spread wide being pounded by a guy who was a stranger to me. I stripped off my clothes and stood and watched cock in hand slowly stroking myself. I heard him grunt I knew he was filling her and later found out it was his 4th load.

I walked over to the bed, kissed her then looked at the guy and motioned for him to pull out I lowered myself to her pussy and without any wondered began to lick and suck his cum out of her as he watched, I motioned him to cum closer, and took hold of his very wet cock and took him in my mouth and began cleaning him, sucking him made him hard again.

She crawled over to his cock added her spit to mine and had me get on my hands and knees then guided him to my entrance, although it hurt he slid in and as she kissed him he began to fuck me the more passionate they got the harder and faster he fucked me, I was loving it, he came inside me after she had pushed a finger in his ass.

She showed him out shortly after then came back to bed climbed on my cock and rode me until I exploded inside her.

So many times I came home to this kind of thing, men and women and I would love it, I guess it was the life I chose and I was to be honest happy with it.

NSFW: yes

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