I caught my mother checking out my morning wood


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As I was sleeping in my bed today, I noticed someone is in my room and I sensed that person is standing close to my bed. So, I opened my eyes a little and saw that my mother is observing my bulge, she was checking me out and to my surprise she slowly moved her hand on my bulge. Maybe, she wondered something in her mind and did pull my boxer a little bit down upto my pubic hairs, because of it my dick suddenly came out with my full erection and I gasped and with embarrassment I hid it with my boxer and covered it with bedsheet.
Mom got shocked too and she started murmuring,”Oh sorry son, I was trying to give you a comfort, I thought you must be feeling uncomfortable.”
I got angry with her this explanation and I screamed, “You get out of my room”

Now, I am feeling little guilty that I screamed on my mom and also feeling scared to sleep in my boxers again.

NSFW: yes

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