I Broke Both My Arms and a Nurse Helped Me Out [M25/F25]

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NSFW: yes

I’m a very cautious person. Learned how to ride my bike late, at all times wore a helmet, was never aggressive in sports, etc. But when I turned 25 it was like I hit a second puberty. All of a sudden I wasn’t as fearful.
Maybe it was because I’d been taking better care of my body. I noticed I had more confidence than when I was a kid, at all times jealous of those to whom machismo came naturally. Lately, I’ve been lifting weights, running, climbing, and mountain biking. Still with a helmet, of course.
Well, my reckless mood caught up to me one afternoon when I flew over the handlebars of my bike and tried to brace myself with my arms. Both are now broken. The bike suffered no damage. Lucky bitch.
It’s been 8 weeks and I’m finally getting use of my hands back, so I needed to type out this story, even though it’s taking me forever to write.
I spent awhile in the hospital. One broken arm is a pain in the ass. Two is torture. I couldn’t do anything for myself. When I had to shit or take a piss, you bet I was getting help from the fucking amazing nurses at the hospital. These folks never made me feel like a loser. Any shame I felt came straight from me, projected onto the nurses. They saw me go through some moods.
While I loved them all, I had a favorite nurse: Molly. She was so fucking cute. 5’2″, petite with brown hair, brown eyes, tan complexion, and I think B-cups. Even in scrubs I could tell she was bangin’. Best of all though is that she didn’t put up with any shit. Yeah, she’d laugh at a joke here or there, but when it came down to the brass tacks, she was dead serious. She made sure my shit was taken care of. Not my literal shit, though, thank god. I think she was the one nurse I wouldn’t want to help me take a shit. She did everything else though, bless her.
Our banter was to poke fun at each other. We’d give each other shit for everything, which is my favorite way to flirt. Of course, I never know if that’s how the girl I’m taking to likes to flirt, but when it feels natural, I love it. It was natural with Molly.
Anyway, about two weeks into my hospital stay, Molly woke me up to check vitals, see if I needed to pee, and bring me my diminishing dose of pain meds. I did need to pee, so she helped me up walked me over to the bedside commode and helped me get my sweats down before leaving the room so I could take a piss.
She left and started to pee, but as my stream got weaker, something else became apparent. I was getting my first hard on since being in the hospital. I’d been in such a shit mood and on so many drugs that it hadn’t been an problem. Not any more apparently.
I panicked because without Molly, I was never gonna get my pants back on. And I couldn’t keep her waiting. She had other fucking patients to attend to, most way worse off than me. For a minute, tops, I wondered of every sick thing I could to get my 6.5″ raging hard on to go the fuck to sleep. But none prevailed.
“Hey, Molly?” I called to the her in the hallway. “I’ve got an issue here. Don’t come in yet.”
“What is it? I need to go see other patients soon, so tell me what the problem is.” She replied, confident.
“It’s embarrassing.”
I could almost hear her sigh in annoyance in the hallway.
“Just…tell me.” She said, cooly.
“I just don’t want you to be…um uncomfortable? It’s just that I haven’t been able to take care of certain needs in two weeks and I don’t have a lot of control over certain things right now.”
There was a brief pause.
“OK. I get it. It’s normal. It’s fine. I’m gonna come in, ok?”
“Jesus, OK.” I said, a bit flustered. I was standing in front of the commode, at full mast, my cock getting redder and harder, looking angry, the tip shining. I needed to touch it so fucking bad but couldn’t. And the door opened.
Molly walked in and closed the door quickly.
“Let’s get your sweats up, ok?” She said, before looking down at what I was contending with. She looked at my cock and her cool demeanor shifted a little, like she was a tad flustered herself.
“Sorry, I know.”
“Don’t be. Not your fault.” She said, squatting down to gather my sweatpants but hesitating. I thought what she was thinking. Would my sweatpants even come up over my huge hard on? How would she navigate around it without touching it? I think she was trying to game-plan the least uncomfortable way to deal with this. Her face was so close to my cock and it took all of my restraint not to move it closer. Fuck, I just wanted her to touch it even though I knew she couldn’t and wouldn’t. I was just hit by a wave of horniness and the hottest nurse was a foot away from my cock. Best and worst thing that could happen. I knew I’d be fantasizing about this forever.
“Is it going to hurt you if I pull these up?” She finally asked.
I answered honestly, “Yeah, but what other choice is there?”
She hesitated again, mouth slightly agape and she looked up at me, then to the door behind her.
“Can I, uh…?” She asked, gesturing to my cock.
I, thinking she had a plan that was in no way sexual, said, “Yeah, do what you gotta do.”
She nervously brought her hand up to my cock and grabbed the shaft. Her small hands were a little warm and so soft. It was fucking torture. And I was trying not to let myself get more turned on. She was being clinical.
But, as if in a trance, she slowly started rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, gently massaging it.
“Uhhh…Molly? You’re uh…” I, feeling how intense this little touch was on my cock, tried to get words of surprise out. Was this her clinical plan? Did she even know what she was doing?
“I think if you keep doing that, it’s gonna be a problem.” I warned, Molly still on her knees in front of me and her hand stroking my shiny cock, the skin taught with desire.
“You’ve been here for awhile and it’s only natural this would happen. You’re gonna be hard all day if you don’t get some relief.”
A drop of precum appeared on the tip and Molly saw this, licking her lips slightly.
“I want you to get it all out, ok?” She said, quietly, as she moved her lips toward me, opening herself up, and putting the tip on the base of her tongue as her hand continued jerking me off.
I had never seen anything so hot in my life, but for fuck’s sake, I needed this to go on longer. So I held on for dear life. Since I didn’t blow my load right then, Molly took the tip and then more of the shaft into her mouth, tying her tongue around me, licking and then sucking. She pushed her long brown hair out of her face and looked up at me with her dark eyes.
“Will this help at all?” She asked, as she removed her hands from my shaft and began to take off her scrubs. She lifted up her shirt to reveal a soft-looking, black, lacy bra that gave her no support. She didn’t need it because her tits were small and defied gravity. I could see her small, hard nipples underneath. Her tan skin and collarbones so fucking hot I wanted everything from her. She stood up, and removed her bottoms, showing matching underwear. She pointed to the bed as if to say, “lie down.” I did.
I got myself onto my back, my cock reaching out into the sky as Molly climbed on top, straddling me.
I devoured her with my eyes, not wanting to miss a single detail of her body. Her skin was smooth, her belly soft but flat, her hips wide enough to grab and fuck but not exaggerated…she was like heaven.
Molly started teasing me, reaching her hand down her panties, like she was deciding whether or not to take them off.
“Please, fucking take them off.” I finally said, and instead of taking them off, slid her panties to the side and slid forward to my cock. She grabbed the shaft and placed it at her opening, and I could see a neat runway of hair tracing up from her pussy. She placed the tip of my cock as though she were gonna put me inside of her, but instead began grinding her labia over my shaft, and using my wet tip as a tool on her clit. She was making herself cum with my hard cock. I didn’t know how I was gonna hold on much longer. She was so wet and I could feel how badly she wanted to put me inside her as her she began to moan, grinding harder and harder on my cock, sliding up and down. If only I had use of my hands, I would have angled my cock up and slid it right in her as she moved. Molly gyrated on my dick until her body began tensing. She put one hand over her mouth as she came, never getting off my dick. Molly collapsed her chest into mine, still gyrating on my cock, and brought one hand behind her to my shaft as she angled it in and slid her pussy right onto me.
I filled her up quickly, so wet from her cum as I felt the ridges and walls inside of her. I could feel her pulsing.
“I want you to get it all out.” She whispered in my ear as she began fucking me, her chest still pressed onto mine as she began kissing me greedily. It felt like every inch of me with covered in her smooth, flawless skin and her pussy was milking me for all I had.
“Fuck, Molly if you keep going like this, I’m gonna cum inside you.”
She moaned as I said that, and it felt like she was edging towards another orgasm. Molly started fucking me harder, increasing the friction between our bodies as I reached the point of no return.
“Molly, Im cumming!” I said, as my body began to shake. I could feel myself filling her up, her pussy constricted harder on me as a bigger orgasm ripped through her. After two weeks, this orgasm felt like nothing I had experienced and I kept pumping out more and more cum. Molly hopped off my dick, bringing mouth down to my cock as a rope shot across her face before she took the rest of my cum in her mouth, sucking me dry as I could feel my orgasm extending. I thrust my hips up and she took my cock all the way down her throat, swallowing rope after rope.
Finally, she had succeeded in sucking me completely dry, her pussy dripping cum all over the sheets. She kept my cock in her mouth as it finally was going down, getting every last drop she could. Molly then flopped on top of me, laying her head on my chest for a brief moment before quickly standing up, getting her scrubs on and saying, “Hope that helped!” She grabbed my sweats of the floor and helped me get them on while I was laying in bed. They fit this time.
“Uhh…yeah, that helped a lot. That was amazing. Jesus, Molly.” I said, still in shock.
“Good. Well, I’ll see you later then.” She said, matter of fact, as though nothing had happened, and she left. I cannot stop hoping she’ll be back soon.

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