I blew my stepdad to help him get over his cheating gf

Note: everyone in this post is 18+.

Not your traditional daughter, but I’m guessing you already knew that much from the title…and since Reddit is full of haters, I’m guessing some of you may have clicked on this thread with your guns locked and loaded for me.

That’s ok.

I’m used to being the center of attention.


My step father and I have been doing this dance for the past…let’s see..two years now, ever since my bitch mom died, and honestly? It hasn’t gotten any easier for me to see him entertain the attention of other women, especially those his own age.

I know, I know

*”This girl is on TOXIC and DERANGED daughter…”* amirite?

The thing is, as hot as daddy is, all the women he seems to go for end up cheating on him or finding some other way to stomp his heart into dust for his so called “flaws”.

And as his daughter, it gets old watching it play out over and over again in the exact same fashion.

Maybe that’s what first drew us together actually…me not being able to stand seeing daddy get hurt over and over again by gold diggers and cheaters when he started dating again after my mom died.

And… back around this merry round we go again.

His latest play thing just left him for one of his lifelong bestfriends, which he had to understand about on Facebook…and I’m not going to lie, I saw red for him.

I, too, liked and trusted this one.

Big mistake.

Daddy was so shaken up over this whore that we ended up taking a drive up to the park by our house so that he could clear his head by the lake there.

We smoked a joint and I let him rant about modern women…but then, one thing led to another…and…well… I *kinda* ended up blowing him in the car in the parking lot for all the world to see, lol.

Am I proud of it?

No, not particularly, especially since we almost got caught in mid-act by a scowling Karen coming back from a jog.

Can you imagine how much worse her freak out would have been had she of known it was my *daddy* whose sticky load I just swallowed?

It probably would have been just as bad as the reaction most of the perpetually triggered types that like to come to places like this just to get upset about the more extreme confessions are dealing with after reading this.

Not that I care.

Daddy happens to have a terrific cock for his age…and according to him, no one milks it better than I do.

What sort of daughter of a widower would I be to deprive him of that comfort at his most needy?

The right sort of touch goes a long way 😉

Trust me…I would know.

NSFW: yes

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