I accidentally circumcised a guy with my vagina F22

This all took place a couple years back when I was a teen.
I was on a date with a boy. We had gone to the movies and things got hot and heavy so we decided to ditch the movie and go ‘hangout’ in the backseat of my car. Well one thing lead to another and we wanted to have sex. I got on top of him and he told me to slid down on his penis. So I proceeded to, gently as this was only my second time ever having sex and his dick was MASSIVE. I was sliding down so slowly, and taking breaks from going any further because I was so tight and he was so huge, eventually I got to the bottom of his shaft. While I’m sitting there with his dick all the way in me now and I’m fully sitting on his dick, he asks me if I’m peeing on him. I tell him no and ask why. He said he feels something really warm and to get up for a second. I then proceed to get off of him but when his dick comes out of me it is covered in blood to the point where you cannot even tell it’s a penis anymore and blood is dripping out of me. I’m mortified bc I think I started my period on this man’s penis, but we quickly then realize that blood is rapidly flowing out of his penis. He passes out and I have to take off my shirt and wrap it around his penis and apply pressure to try to stop the bleeding. I was only a mile away from the hospital so I threw on my pants so I wasn’t completely naked and booked it over to the emergency room. I ran into the emergency room bay with only pants, a bra, and a winter coat on and they had to bring a gurney out to get him. We both walked thru the hospital covered in blood from head to toe. Long story short, what ended up happening is since this boy was uncircumcised and I was so tight and he was so huge, the tension and friction of me sliding down his penis caused two tears each about an inch long on opposite sides of his penis.
Basically my vagina split his foreskin. He wasn’t allowed to talk to me anymore after that…

NSFW: yes

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