I [19M] lost my virginity to my friends mom

For some backstory, my friends mom is really young (37) and has been divorced for as long as I can remember. We also live next door to each other and I can see into their pool from my bedroom window. This also happened last year, so I was 18 at the time.

I’ve all the time been into my friends mom, especially in the last couple years. She is short, with long dirty blonde hair, and she has the most perfect curves. A few years ago they had a pool put into their backyard and I’ve been able to see her swimming and tanning in her bikinis.

Over the summer they went out of town for a couple weeks and she asked me to take care of their house while they were gone. I took benefit of them being gone to peek around their house to see what I could discover. The first place I went was into the master bedroom to her closet. I looked through her closet until I found the drawers where she keeps her bikinis, another drawer with her bras and another drawer with her panties. I carefully looked through the drawers looking at all of her gorgeous underwear and after a while I was so turned on that I decided to jerk off in her bathroom.

After a couple weeks, I went over to take care of their house again but when I went inside I noticed that they had come back home. I started to look around the house for either my friend or his mom and I eventually found her outside in the hot tub. She was wearing a floral bikini that I had seen in her closet earlier. I went outside and said that they got home early. She responded saying that a flight of theirs got changed so they came home a few days early and that my friend had gone to his work. She apologized for forgetting to tell me. She also thanked me for taking care of their house and invited me to swim with her. I told her I’d grab my swimsuit and be right back.

I ran home, changed into my swimsuit and went back over. She had moved from the hot tub to the pool, and invited me in again. I got in the water and she came over to me and gave me a hug while thanking me again for watching their house. All I could think about was her breasts pressed into me with only a thin bikini top separating us. As she pulled away from the hug I could only look at her perfect breasts.

We swam together for a while, diving in the pool, playing basketball, and playing catch for about an hour. We were both getting tired when she suggested that we move to the hot tub together and I agreed. Once I got in the hot tub she asked if I wanted a drink, and I agreed. I watched her get out of the pool and I watched as she adjusted her bikini bottoms so they weren’t stuck in her crack, and then she went inside.

A couple minutes later, she came back outside with a couple of glasses and a big jug of lemonade. She set it down right next to the hot tub and got in with me. She poured us both a glass and she leaned back to relax. I sipped on my lemonade and I checked her out.

She must have noticed me looking at her body because out of nowhere she asked if I was checking her out. I was embarrassed but I told her that I was and that I could stop if she wanted. She wondered for a moment and told me that she didn’t mind. I took benefit and I basically stared at her breasts. I slowly worked up the courage and I asked her that if she doesn’t mind me looking now would she let me look at her naked. She blushed and looked at me before asking “you’re a little perv, aren’t you?” I just quietly agreed with her before she quietly said “I like that”.

As soon as she said she likes it, she reached behind her back and started to untie her bikini top. She held grabbed her breasts to hold the top on and she blushed as she slowly pulled her top down. She paused just before I could see her nipples and asked if I really wanted to see, which I said yes to. She pulled her top off all the way, and put it on the ground by the hot tub.

I was super excited, because I was seeing her naked breasts in front of me for the first time. I told her that they were gorgeous and I kept staring. She reached under the water and she also started to untie her bikini bottoms. She pulled them out from the water, and she held them in front of me asking if I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and I told her yes. She put her bottoms on the patio next to her top.

I kept staring for what felt like forever and she asked if I was gonna touch or not, which I excitedly asked can I? And she responded with of course. I reached over to her and I gently touched her breasts. I was amazed at how soft they felt, while being firm enough to keep their shape without support.

I ran my hands up and down her body, exploring her curves, and when my hands got down to her waist, she spread her legs just enough. I slid my hand between her legs and I could feel that she had no hair. I slowly touched and slid my fingers up and down her lips while she leaned back and slightly moaned. I asked her if it felt good, and she responded that it felt amazing.

I spent a few minutes rubbing my fingers against her pussy and she suddenly sat up, pulled my hands away, and said not right here. She grabbed her bikini and started to put it back on. She saw how disappointed I was and told me to not worry, we’re just moving inside. She got out of the hot tub, in her bikini again, grabbed a towel and walked inside. I got up and followed her in.

Once inside the house, she took my towel and put it on the ground, and went further in and I followed her into her bedroom. She closed and locked the door behind us. We went into her bathroom, where she started to untie her bikini top again, and dropped it while I watched. She then untied her bottoms and dropped them, letting me see that she was not just shaved, but waxed to have no hair anywhere.

She told me to go ahead and take off my swim shorts too since I won’t be needing them anymore. I pulled them down, and she looked at my dick and said that it’s just what shed imagined. We left out wet swimsuits on the floor and went to her bed. She laid down first, and I got on top of her. I started to touch her body, and she rubbed herself while I ran my hands over her body and kissed her. She started to lightly moan and she stopped touching herself and told me to put it in her.

I was super hard at this point, and I reached down to put myself in her. I slowly pushed in and felt her warmth and wetness and how tight she was. I pushed all the way in her and had to pause. I very slowly pulled in and outof her and in just a few strokes I was about to cum. I told her that I was about to finish and she said to pull out and cum on her.

I did as she said, and I pulled out just in time, and I stroked myself off and I shot my cum all over her body, even onto her boobs. I was breathing heavily and I had to catch my breath. She wasn’t done yet, so I started to rub my fingers in between her lips. I spread her lips aside and I found her clit, which I gently rubbed as I slidmy fingers in and out of her.

She moaned my name and started breathing heavily, moaning louder and louder, and she started to shake with my fingers inside of her. She reached her orgasm, and I pulled my fingers out of her. I laid down next to her and I watched her chest as she caught her breath.

Once she caught her breath she started laughing saying she couldn’t believe that we’d actually had sex, and she’s missed it for a long time. We laid together for a few minutes before she got up and used the bathroom. I also used the bathroom and she went into her closet to get changed. I told her it was amazing and I cannot wait for the next time and she agreed.

I went home and showered while only thinking that I had just lost my virginity to my friends mom.

NSFW: yes

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