Hubby’s friend used me while I was cuffed – Short Sex Story

One of hubby’s friend, D, was telling hubby that his sex life was boring. His wife didn’t have sex with him much and when it happens, it wasn’t crazy, kinky sex that he’d like to experience. We invited D over for drinks. Me and hubby came up with a naughty plan.

Safe to say that D was very nicely surprised when he came over to discover me wearing a crazy sexy lingerie (stockings with a garter belt and cupless bra that was pushing my boobs up so well) with my hands cuffed behind. I threw myself into him and begged him to use me. Hubby told D that I’m his to use if he wanted. Which obviously was a yes.

So he took out his cock while I got on my knees to lick and suck. He was definitely turned on because he pulled out a massive hard on. I love it when wives abandon their husbands. They at all times get so horny for me and I love helping them. His hard cock tasted so good in my mouth and I felt him throbbing with each slide into my mouth. All that pent up desire releasing for me. His hands behind my head as he fucked my mouth.

His mouth became willing to taste me and he threw me back to lick my boobs and taste my nipples. My hard, erect nipples that has at all times got the guys wanting my body. He pulled my panty and started licking my wet pussy. I got extra wet feeding off his strong desire to fuck me. His tongue lapping up my juices made me release more for him. Giving him a never ending supply. He slid his fingers in to try to get more juices for himself until he was satisfied.

That’s when he gave me his hard cock and started fucking my pussy hard. I was begging him to fuck my slutty pussy harder and to use me for what his wife wouldn’t give him. Lucky me she didn’t give him hard, rough sex because he was pounding me so hard and making me feel alive. I fucking love such naughty men. He turned me around and pounded even harder from behind. Hands groping my boobs and pulling me back deeper into his cock. I was screaming at how his wife was wasting such a good fuck while he was balls deep in me. He kept going until he couldn’t anymore and he came all over my face. My face was covered in his cum when I suddenly felt a tug against my hips and my hubby cock slid inside me. Fucking me until he came inside me. D watching my cum covered face moaning as I got fucked.

D’s cock felt so good. Such a shame it wasn’t used properly at home. I hope he’ll come over to fuck me more often now.

NSFW: yes

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