Hotwife in Atlantic city

We got a room last Friday night at the borgata in Atlantic City. Once we got checked in we went upstairs for a quickie to take the edge off since we were exchanging dirty texts all day. My wife wanted to surprise me with her outfit so I got dress and went downstairs to the long bar and waited for her. It wasn’t to busy in the bar but I sat further back so I could take in the show of her coming in and it didn’t disappoint. She was in a low cut silky red dress with sexy shimmery high heels, her bright red toe nail polish made her look even sexier. She glided towards me with her breasts jiggling almost trying to escape from her dress. She turned heads in the place for sure, when she got up to me she kissed me and ran her hand along my stiffening penis. Our quickie was fun but this outfit sent me right back into overdrive for her. She stood between my legs and would rub her ass into my already hard cock. She ordered a dirty martini and threw it back like it was water. As she ordered another one she leaned over the bar giving me a peak of her ass. She pulled her dress up a little more showing me she wasn’t wearing panties but she was wearing a pink jeweled butt plug. I couldn’t believe she actually wore it down to the bar, I knew she was feeling extra sexy that night.

We rushed through dinner and did a little gambling, I asked if she wanted to go to dance somewhere that I could show her off, but she wanted to go back to the bar for another martini. It was more crowded now but her outfit definitely caught people’s eye. We found an empty stool so I sat again with her between my legs. A group of guys out for a bachelor party were on one side and group of couples on the other. My wife struck up conversation with one of the men in the group named Eric. He was just an average looking guy and not a guy I would picture my wife with but he was funny and polite. My wife facing me would “accidentally” bump into him and apologize, he didn’t mind at all and seemed to figure out what my wife was doing. They were getting very flirty it was turning me on even more. At one point he turned towards leaning over my wife and I could see my wife press her ass against him, her eyes got big and I saw that sneaky smile, she like what she felt. He turned back towards his group and she whispered that she could feel him getting bigger and she means bigger. I asked what she wanted to do, she said see if he will play and excused herself.

I sat and ordered another drink, my phone buzzed it was a picture of my wife laying on the bed in peachy lingerie. A few more came through and she asked if Eric was coming up with me. When I closed my tab Eric turned and asked where my wife went, I knew it was my shot. I said well actually she is upstairs and showed him one of the pictures. He was stunned for a second and then said I was a lucky man. I told him he was the lucky one and invited him up. I gave him the room number and told him to be up in 5 minutes, he assured me he would.

I got to the room and she was lying there rubbing her clit, she said I guess he was all talk. With that there was knock on the door, i opened it and welcomed eric in, he walked and stood at the edge of the bed. He was nervous and said he has never done anything like this before, I assured him I was ok with all of this. My wife looked amazing her enormous tits on display, I sat in a chair and watched as my wife undid his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down. Out flopped a girthy cock probably about 6” long. My wife took him in her mouth and began to suck him all the way down her throat. She needed to be careful not to make him cum too fast. As he pulled it out of her mouth it looked even thicker and longer. She then laid back on the bed pulling her lingerie to the side exposing her dripping wet pussy and shiny butt plug. Eric started to go down on her right away. I could tell whatever he was doing was not working for my wife so I got a condom and gave it to him. He put it on and then slid into my waiting wife. She gasped as he first went in, she loves thick cock. He started going faster and faster as she wrapped her legs around him. They rolled over and she started to ride him hard and fast, he reached up grabbing handfuls off her gorgeous breasts. I could see the plug as she rocked back and forth on him. She spun around and was now in reverse cowgirl giving him a glimpse of her tight filled ass. My wife hopped up and moved over to the window opening the blinds, Eric moved in behind her and started fucking again for anyone down below to see. Their bodies worked together, her enormous tits bounced and swayed as he thrusted from behind, I could see the 2 of them were ready to burst. She leaned forward a little more and let out a loud scream of pleasure, Eric came as she shook in delight.

He quickly discarded the condom and left, my wife went back to the bed spreading her legs inviting me in. I couldn’t help but to reclaim her as mine. I put her legs on my shoulders and fucked her hard and rough, she was now screaming again in delight. It was one of the hardest times I have ever cum in her, when I pulled out she was a complete mess. We took a few pictures and then showered and headed back down stairs for another drink.

NSFW: yes

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