Hot neighbor. First meeting

I went to our neighbor Michelle. She was a pleasant woman in her 40s. I found her in a very spicy position covering the bed. The short dressing gown rose and exposed her round hips. The round ass looked very appetizing. My dick tensed up. I wanted to fuck her. I dreamed about our neighbor for a long time and often jerked off to her. I imagined fucking her in different positions. And I made up my mind. I came up behind and pulled off her thong. Michelle shuddered, turned, and pressed her face into my groin.

– Alain, it’s you, you rascal.

I quickly took off my shorts. The panties were pulled off by Michelle herself.

– Wow, what a big and gorgeous dick you have.

She immediately took my dick in her mouth. She rhythmically earned her mouth. Swallowing dick to the very balls. I couldn’t last long and shot her with cum right in her mouth. Michelle swallowed it with gusto.

– Alain, my dear boy, I have dreamed about this for so long. You are still so young, you are 18 years old. You are so sexy. I love sucking young cock so much.

Then she began to lick my balls. She was counting on a second run. Hui began to rise. I turned Michelle to the bed and placed her doggy style. Her pussy was so wet and so attractive.

I planted my dick and started fucking Michelle. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to me, rhythmically pushing her on my dick. Michelle moaned loudly in pleasure. The second time I lasted much longer. Michelle turned, knelt down and took my dick in her mouth. She skillfully sucked on the head, moved it with the tip of her tongue. Michelle was insatiable. She wanted a third time. Dick obeyed her pleasant caresses and rose again. Michelle turned her back to me. She put her hands on the bed. She spread her legs wider.

– My boy, fuck me in the ass. I want to be your whore.

I began to drive the head of the dick over Michelle’s labia and clitoris. I collected lube and put it on Michelle’s asshole. With my movements, I excited Michelle more and more.

– Alain, come on, don’t delay, fuck me properly.

Moisten enough asshole, I carefully began to penetrate Michelle’s ass. I went deeper and deeper. The ass was tight and nicely squeezed my dick. It was great. We finished at the same time.

– Alain, you can come to me whenever you want. I’ve dreamed of such a young lover for so long. You can fuck me in all sorts of positions. I will at all times give you an amazing blowjob. Consider me your sex toy, I’m ready.

Of course, I could not refuse such an invitation from my sexy neighbor.

NSFW: yes

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