Holiday Fun.. an unexpected story – Short Sex Story

I was flying down to Canberra for work and the client I have down there has children too and had asked if I wanted to bring my eldest son (5) with me he could keep their kids business who were around the same age.. we were staying at a place in crackenback.. so why not.. snow and kids it goes well together..

We were checking in for our flight and kids being kids.. he was just running around.. he ran straight into this young beautiful woman  ahead us.. as she looked back I wondered she was gonna give me an earful.. but she notices my son first.. she smiles then looks at me and turns around again..  no dramas .. but my son kicked her on her boots this time.. just being cheeky kid..

But to my surprise she was quite friendly about it.. and said it didn’t bother her.. but as she goes to tickle my son .. she says “you’re lucky you’re cute like your dad“. as soon as I heard that my ego expanded to the room I was in..

I definitely blushed..and as a 35yr old man.. that’s been out of game for some time… I sort of froze when she looked at me.. I’m sure I had a stupid look on my face.

for the entire line up I stayed silent and kept my sons hands and feet to himself.. but I was stumbling in my head what to say… but by the time I got my carry on and my sons things.. she had already gone..

I arrived at my gate and sat down to wait… I was holding on my sons hand when I felt him let go when I was reaching for my laptop… to my surprise when I looked up it was the same girl from before.. he ran to her as she was heading towards our direction..

I apologise and manage to say a few words this time..she asked if I minded if she sat with us .. of course I didn’t..  and we ended up chatting about alot of stuff.. mainly about her work and then her plans for her holiday with her friend who she was visiting.

When we boarded we went our separate methods.. but we found each other again collecting our baggage..
We continued to chat .. and she played with my kid.. which was pretty sweet in my eyes.. I could see she was clucky… especially when she was playing with my son..

We were about to part methods again.. as I was getting a rental and she was waiting for her friend.. her friend called that she would be late.. something along the lines of car trouble..  so I offered her a lift.. as she was going jindabyne literally just before crackenback so it was convenient..

so it was the perfect opportunity to really get to know one another..  I obviously told her I was happily married to which her response only made me lust for her more… she said something along the lines of its all the time the good ones that are off the market..

As we were arriving she made me promise that I would meet up with her again over the weekend so she could shout us dinner to say thanks for the I didn’t accept her money for fuel.. we exchange numbers and well straight to texting..

Anyways the night we organised for the dinner … my kid was feeling a bit sick… so I changed the location to the restaurant onsite so I could let my kid sleep when he  finished dinner..

After I put my son to bed.. we continued to talk over some wine in my room it wasn’t exactly big so it sort of forced us to be closer than usual.. and me not thinking anything would come of it… I got a bit too comfortable .. because as I sat down after getting another glass..she sat on my lap.. I didn’t intend to let it happen.. but I was caught up in the moment..

She kissed me… but I definitely kissed her back… and it all went from there.. it was an amazing evening to say the least.. she was very giving to my demands.. and unlike my wife she was happy to do what I liked… which just made it all  so much better…

At the end of it.. I felt so guilty..  I didn’t speak to her again after that night..she’s texted me a few times.. but I haven’t responded…  I’ve actually been thinking of telling my wife.. but I cannot bring myself to do it…

NSFW: yes

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