Heling my work colleague with his sexless marriage [36F]

I have a handsome male colleague, aged 45, who opened up to me recently that his sex life is non existent. I felt sad for him. Here he is, a nice dude, and he’s getting none.

After some listening, I opened up and told him about my own sex life. I told him how I like to perform oral and the crucial of giving it both methods. I added that I enjoy sex toys and showed him a few kinds of toys I’d recommend, mostly for ‘her’.

I could tell he was hiding arousal and did his best to stay composed, given the sudden oversharing (given the sheer detail) that I provided. The conversation obviously bought some light into his day and I felt good about it.

Anyway, he left the early shift at 3pm and I carried on with my day.

The next day, he came in, smiling ear to ear. He asked for a quiet word and went on to tell me that his sex life had been rejuvenated.

He’d gone out and bought one of the sex toys I’d recommended in a store, took it home to his wife and apparently had two rounds of sex, completely skipping dinner.

The glow he had on his face the whole day was different. The energy he has was contagious. A clit sucking vibrator, recommended by yours truly, reignited what he’d previously lost.

NSFW: yes

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