Hearing and watching my GF’s mother.

A few weeks ago my gf’s mam decided to invite us over for a few drinks and some takeaway food with her and her boyfriend, her mams a slim milf who loves jogging, she has small tits but a perfect peachy arse (she wears gym gear a lot and a lot of skinny jeans)

We spent the night drinking and talking away before we head up to bed, her mam and boyfriend head straight into the bedroom but don’t shut the door fully as it’s a fairly old house and the doors don’t shut properly. My gf gives me a drunk BJ and heads to sleep (she’s a heavy sleeper when drunk). I’m still lying awake horny, wanting more. I roll over and go on my phone, I look at the clock and it’s 2:15am, we’ve been in bed for an hour.

I hear the tv turn on in her room, I think “what are they still doing up?” I hear her mam giggling away and then those gorgeous words “your cock looks huge in my tiny hands” before hearing her giggle and moan whilst what I can only assume is her jerking his cock.

Now the carpet on the stairs between the rooms is thick and you don’t hear anything at all when people move around so I figured I’d chance it and see if I can catch a glimpse. I look through the crack of the door and see him lying back which a pillow over his face (I’m guessing to mute his moans) and see her jerking his cock hard and spitting on it to keep it nice and wet. He’s got a girthy cock to say the least.

She ties her curly hair up and place the tip in her mouth before slowly making her way down, deepthroating his cock. It had to be 7”/8”, she comes up gasping and giggles “do you want more baby” I’m stood there, cock hard as anything in my underwear. I pull my cock out and begin slowly jerking it. With every stroke I feel like I’m gonna cum instantly from watching, the thrill of it all was sending me crazy.

I’d perved on her mam in the past, watching her undress when she’s came in from work to doing yoga in the front room but this was all new, seeing her suck a cock and be fully nude.

He removes the pillow from his face and pulls her in for a kiss before lifting her tits up level with his mouth, taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking on it like there’s no tomorrow. She’s moaning loud before he stuffs her thong in her mouth. He picks her up and puts her down into doggy style before ramming his cock straight inside her. She removes the thong from her mouth and slips his fingers in instead.

After stroking my cock for a good 10 minutes, he lays down and she climbs on top. Her arse is in full view of me so I can see it all going in and out of her. She starts slowly before lifting up and squatting on his cock. She starts bouncing and I can see her arsehole slowly open up as if it was begging to be the next hole fucked.

I cum at this point and shoot my load straight into my underwear but I couldn’t stop watch it all unfold. After 5/10 minutes of her riding him she leaned over and reached under the bed and pulled out a plug in vibrator and a buttplug, little green diamond on the end of it.

She plugs the vibrator in and he pops the plug in her arse before she lays on her back and places the vibrator on her clit whilst he climbs above her and places his cock in her mouth. Skull fucking her she starts tensing up and cumming. I hear him let out a moan before pulling his cock out and shooting all over her face. I quickly head back into my GF’s room as they both get up to head to the bathroom (old house bathroom was downstairs) I think his is my chance, I go in and grab her thong that she was wearing and begin jerking my floppy cock hard into it, trying to get a load out ready for when she puts them back on. It wasn’t much but I done it.

The next morning we’re downstairs having breakfast, I wasn’t sure if she put the thong back on, thinking have I fucked up and she’s going to notice cum inside them when she’s sober? They were drunk as fuck last night so she wouldn’t have noticed a bit of cum inside of them. She bends over to pick the dogs bowl up. JACKPOT. The top of her yellow thong appears out the top of her pyjama bottoms. She’s got my cum on her pussy as we eat breakfast.

If I was ever given the chance to fuck her mam I would go at it in a heartbeat.

If anyone else has any stories of watching their gf’s mams be fucked or even just perving on them feel free to DM me with those experiences I’d love to hear them!

NSFW: yes

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