He needed a mouth tbh

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NSFW: yes

I was in this hospital doing community service and I was on my lunch break. I over heard this guy m50 crying on the phone he was so nervous and at first I figured he was dying? Then he started saying something about his daughter in labor but they didn’t let him in only the mom . I got a chance to talk to him just a few mins and I told him the docs and nurses are good and this hospital is amazing (trying to cheer him up) he told me it was his first grandkid and his daughter was so young 19 , I told him if he wanted to go for a walk around the lot and we took a walk and talked . It looked like it was working and I told him to Come to my car and I’ll give him a handjob ? He looked at me and told me to go to hell and I told him I’ll use mouth? He looked at me and smiled and told me if I was serious? I told him yes and let him fuck my face and he wasn’t sad no more and even talked his brother on the cell phone while I was slowly sucking him off and doing things that him squirming and squealing that he had to hang up . I let him fuck my fave as fast as he wanted to and I made sure I tightened my lips as tight as I could until he let a big salty load out which I swallowed and told him I had to go back to work 🌭

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