He let me cum, but his friends need to as well f19 pt3

When they where all finally finished with that position, i noticed a new hook in the ceiling that my boyfriend must of installed before everyone came over. Some of the guys picked me up off the floor onto my feet, and all stood infront of me, kissing my shoulders and rubbing my pussy and fingering me, i took turns rubbing some of there throbbing dicks, they all wanted more.

Soon my boyfriend tied up my hands and hooked the rope over the hook in the ceiling, my feet where only just touching the floor. He picked me up and started fucking me and another guy started fucking my ass at the same time. The other people where touching my chest and tits, others just rubbing there cocks at the sight of me being fucked. It was like that for a while, until they had the idea to just to leave me like that and put a vibrator on me and pass around the remote. The other girl what fucking her boyfriend and whispering in his ear something i couldnt make out over my moans. Sadly they still wouldn’t let me cum, apparently they had a surprise for when i could cum.

A little while later i was back on the floor, but this time the other girl was on top of me, rubbing our pussies together, it felt so wet and hot, i was shaking and moaning, but still i was not allowed to cum, we where dripping wet, all the guys where stood around us, watching and rubbing there cock, i couldnt even focus on them, all i could think about was how good her pussy felt on mine.

I remembered again that i wasnt on my pill, i whispered to my boyfriend to remind him, and he said he knows, and i was gonna let them all fuck me and breed me, i was just a toy so let them, “yes sir” i said. A few guys wanted to cum, and they also decided it was my turn to finally cum too because they wanted to see how many times they could make me cum, my suprised was ready.

My boyfriend pulled out a sybian, and i got nervous, they are so powerful. It was placed next to the foam block i was on, the guys who wanted to cum now, which was about half, lined up and slipped there hard cocks into my used pussy, and began to fuck me as hard as they can, some decided to fuck my face too, and came all over the seat of the sybain, after they there all done, all the guys sat on the sofa, and my bf pulled the sybian into the middle of the room. He untied me, but quicky my hands where tied behind my back. He sat me down on the sybian covered in cum, covering my pussy on cum, the other girl, who’d been watching and playing with herself, sat down infront of me, getting covered in cum as well. It was so wet but felt so good to be covered in so much cum. They turned on the sybian and me and the girl started moaning softly, but soon the turned it all the way up and we where almost screaming, it didnt take long for us to cum, we where making out and moaning into eachothers mouths, it was like an electrical shock going through my body, i was shaking and soon she started cumming too, out tits pressed together as she pulled me into her. The guys who’d cum on the seat where already hard again and rubbing there cocks, the other guys getting impatient. Almost as soon as wed finished cumming, i was being picked up and fucked.

It had been hours of being fucked and used, so soon i had a line of guys, waiting to fill me with cum, i was gonna be creampied by about 11 guys. I begged my boyfriend to reconsider letting them all cum inside me, i was worried id be bred by one, “well if you are, that’ll be 2 men you’ll have to service, me, and the father of your child”, i agreed, “yes sir, I’ll service you both”, the idea of having to service two guys whenever they wanted excited me.

I was put in my final position, but there was a twist i didnt expect, the other girl decided to let the guys fuck her, but they had to cum in me. My arms where tied behind my back, and they sat me on the sofa, 2 guys held my legs back by my head, i was gonna be used as an actual cum dump. A vibrator was then placed and held on my pussy, i was squirming because it was so sensitive.

The girl was doggy style on the couch next to me, and one by one they fucked her hard and just before they came, slid there massive cocks deep into my pink little pussy, filling me up, grabbing and slapping my tits as they groaned and yelled.

Once they where all finished, i was used as entertainment as they cleaned themselves up, my boyfriend did what hed done that morning, he placed the vibrator inside me and tied me to the hook on the ceiling. Turning on the vibrator, i had no choice but to stand there and cum, dripping cum all over the floor.

After theyd all left, my boyfriend untied me and told me to go clean myself up “i think you’ve been used enough today baby, but lets see if you have been bred, and then, by whome”…

NSFW: yes

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