Having some more fun with my sisters friend

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NSFW: yes

So about a week ago I had an interesting kind of group sex experience that you can read [here](

Long story short after all that we decided to try and hang out again. I showed up on Friday for movie night (we’ve been rewatching the marvel movies) but this time Chris wasn’t there, just Leah and Rachel.

Rachel btw is a beautiful Asian girl, about 5’2” with an amazing body. She was very friendly as soon as I got there. She greeted me with a nice long kiss as soon as I walked in the door and she was super touchy. I guess once you’ve had someone’s cock in your mouth you feel more familiar.

So we’re watching the movie, and I shit you not like 20 minutes in Leah and Rachel started making out. Rachel was sitting in my lap and I sort of just sat there and enjoyed the show as they stripped eachother down. Kind of absentmindedly Rachel started unzipping my pants and started to stroke my rapidly hardening dick. “Told you he’d be into it Leah said.

She grabbed Rachel’s head and pushed it down to my crotch at which point Rachel’s mouth opened to accept my cock. She bobbed her head up and down swirling her tongue around on my shaft. It felt amazing but I tried to hold back, this time I wanted to fuck her.

Leah climbed behind Rachel and started eating her out. That only made the blowjob more amazing as I felt moans escaping her mouth even as it was stuffed full of penis.

I knew I didn’t have much longer before I came so I pushed Rachel off me. Saliva dropped from her mouth as it left my soaked cock. I stood up and walked over to where Leah was, grabbed her and pushed her apart. “Yes yes fuck me please!” Rachel cried. I looked over to Leah. “Fuck her” she said.

I slowly pushed myself into her dripping pussy. Rachel quivered with pleasure. I really wasn’t gonna last long. I started pumping slowly and Rachel’s moans got more and more intense.

Leach looked on rapt, “that’s it, cum all over her.” At that I pulled my dick out and felt that familiar warm, tense feeling as I shot rope after rope onto Rachel’s perfect ass.

I laid back in ecstasy, catching my breath. Leah clapped her hands. “Great job guys, that was hot”.

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