Have a seat. [M29, F29] [facesitting] [oral]

The best seat in town is right here, on my face.

I want you to stand at the end of the bed, slowly peel your leggings down, bending over to show me your firm, strong ass.

Leave the underwear on for now, I like when you put a hand down your underwear and play when i can’t see… the tease makes me throb.

I’ll be laying on the bed, hand down my pants rubbing my cock as it begins to throb watching you strip.

You take off your shirt, setting those perfect perky tits free, and doing that little shimmy you all the time do… still turning me on.

You tell me to lose the pants, I oblige… leaving my boxers on, showing you the bulge my rock hard dick is causing. You lick your fingers and reach down your underwear again and begin rubbing, telling me to jerk off while I watch you play.

I pull down my boxers and pull out my throbbing dick, ready for what ever you have planned next.

You crawl up on the bed on your hands and knees and spread my legs, getting comfortable in between. You take the shaft of my cock and grip it with your left hand, your right hand is still rubbing your pussy under your thong.

You lean down and take the tip in your mouth, teasing me with your tongue, flicking it over the sensitive edge if the tip. My eyes roll back and I grab the sheets, that feels so fucking good…

You go deeper now, sliding my cock between your soft lips, making it all wet… you see how far you can take it and let out a small gag that sends shivers down my spine. You start to go faster, fucking your face with my cock, slobbering spit all over it and letting it drip down your chin…

Then you stop… stand up on the bed Over me, and straddle my head… then you lower yourself to my face… you haven’t taken your underwear off, there’s a wet spot from your pussy juices showing through… you tell me to eat your pussy through the thong, to taste the sweet juices.

I wrap my hands under your legs and pull you down to me… burying my face in between your legs, sucking and licking all the sweet nectar soaking in your underwear…making them more wet from my mouth.

You suddenly stand back up and take off the thong… you tell me to suck on your clit, and make you cum all over my face. I pull you down onto me once again, and stare up at you as you run your fingers through my hair, pulling it as I hit the right spot.

You being to grind your hips as I suck your clit, I can feel it now… the slight quiver in your legs, the sharp breaths as you tell me to fuck you with my tongue… I proceed without question, with spreading your pussy lips with my tongue and shoving as deep inside you as I can..

You grind faster and faster until… you lift from my face and squirt all over me, showering me in sweet juices that I suck up so fast.

You tell me its my turn now and you stand up and turn around… sitting back down now facing my hard dick… and you begin sucking again. Jerking my cock as it slides in and out of your mouth, you’re playing with my balls, massaging them as you deep throat me.

While you do that I have a whole new experience! I now get to stare up at your perfect ass and squeeze as I gently lick you, being careful of your sensitive clit, I can also tease your asshole this way, I reach up and play with your asshole as I eat you out. You let out a moan with my cock in your mouth.. that moan causes a sensation that makes me want to cum so bad…

I begin to pump my hips meeting your throat with every stroke, you take an second to breath and tell me to cum in your mouth… you jerk me faster and harder, moaning on my cock begging me to come for you…

I see stars, my eyes roll back and I explode, all while still tasting your sweet juices…

You slide off, grab a towel, and proceed to give me a celebratory high-five like we all the time do when the sex is bomb…

Let’s do that again sometime.

NSFW: yes

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