Hangover sex day part 1 M26 F24

Sarah and I have been together for roughly 3 years. We’ve just moved into a nice, large house on a little bit of land in Australia. Our first three years have been great, we’re both professionals, very athletic and for our age, doing great financially. Our sex life has also been good mostly when we’re both drunk. Sarah turns into a little slut, talks dirty to me, sucks my cock, let’s me put a thumb in her bum etc. however we don’t often do these things sober.

The story starts the night before at our friends engagement party. Like most parties were at together Sarah tells me what she’s gonna do to me when we get home. Like “I’m going to suck your cock dry” and “fuck me like I’m your little slut” etc. we wrap the party up around 4am and try to have sex when we get home but are far too blackout drunk so we crash naked and fall asleep.

The next morning around 9am we woke feeling very sorry for ourselves and still drunk laying in bed naked. We cuddled and talked about the night before. On my bedside table were some sex toys I’d bought that arrived a couple of days before the party. There was three different sized cockrings and a small prostate massager. This was the first time I’d ever tried cockrings and my partner had only given me a couple of prostate massages previously. She asks me to try the cockrings on. I put one over my cock and balls and instantly my cock goes hard as a rock. Clearly still horny and with some blue balls from the night before. She tells me it looks good and gets out of bed to begin her day. I lay in bed slowly stroking my cock getting hornier and hornier. A plan started to develop in my head.

I came out into the living room where she was lying on the couch, naked with my cock absolutely rock hard and my balls looking tight, round and plump from the slow masturbating I’d done before I came out Sarah was in a g string and a large bed shirt her hair was up in a messy bun. I bend over and give her a kiss. She cups my balls and says with a surprise in her voice. “The cock ring makes your balls feel amazing!” I whispered in her ear how horny I was. I told her I’m gonna try and be naked all day. She just giggles, i lay on the couch still with a raging hard on. Sarah sits up and asks. “Are you really going to be naked all day?” I smiled and nodded.

We ordered breakfast, while we waited for it to be delivered I decided to go for a skinny dip. Sarah says she’s doesn’t feel like it but will come in later. The pool on our new house is quite secluded from our neighbours so naked swimming was something we all the time did and also made me horny. I dove in and felt the cool water instantly swallow me up. The feeling of my wrapped up cock and balls floating through the water was incredible. I sat on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water and started stroking my cock. Allowing myself to get caught up in the moment. I laid back letting the suns ray touch my body and my gigantic uncut cock. I was secretly hoping Sarah would come out and see me but I could tell she was laying down still. I kept stroking, feeling the orgasm create up, I allowed it to fill my body. I knew if I came at this point I would simply get changed and lay in bed recovering from the hangover. I also wanted Sarah to finish the job. Reluctantly I got to the point of no return and stopped just before I came. It was almost like I could feel the sperm come all the way up my shaft to my swollen head and slowly work it’s way back down. I allowed my self time to recover. My cock went semi soft I did a bit more swimming and gently getting it hard letting it go semi soft and so on. I decided to dry off and go inside. I went to sit down on the couch next to Sarah and started taking the rings off. She stops and says what are you doing? I haven’t sucked your cock with those on yet.

My swollen uncut cock leaps to action I stand over her briefly, my cock starts to feel like it will snap the cockrings clean off. Sarah sits up and slowly takes my raging hard on in her mouth. while she gazes up at me, I tilt my head back, the warm feeling of her mouth around my stiff cock is almost to much to take. She gently squeezes my balls, slowly applying more pressure while she takes my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth. I can feel the orgasm building again. My cock is throbbing in Sarah’s mouth, her hand cupped around my balls squeezing them harder and harder. My orgasm gets more intense with every passing second. I can feel her tongue working it’s way around the bottom of my penis I want to cum so badly but the endorphins flowing through my brain tell me to keep edging I’m about to tell her I’m cumming and at the last second I pull out!! She looks up while giving me a sloppy As if to say why are you stopping? Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Sarah gets up to answer the door, it’s our food. I take my cock rings off and we sit down to eat. At this point I’m naked and Sarah is down to her g string. Staring across the table at her gorgeous tits and half naked body I can feel the pre-cum dribbling out of my cock. As I get up to put my plate away I show her the glistening head of my penis oozing precum. Being so horny I scoop up some precum on my finger and put it in my mouth. At first Sarah, Sarah looks away in disgust she then turns back and says That’s so fucking hot let me taste, I scoop up another lot of pre-cum on my finger and put it in her mouth she sucks my finger and looks up at me with a menacing look. I’m gooning at this point not able to concentrate on anything other than edging myself more and more.

NSFW: yes

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