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I have recently found out the I can cum hands free without even taking my dick out my briefs.

It first happened when I was scrolling dirty X (Twitter) haha I didn’t intend to cum I was just watching some porn and letting my dick get hard and soft. After a while I was on a particular type of porn that excites me and I could feel my balls begin to twitch. I went deeper into the same category I was curious as to how far I could take this. At this point I know I was getting close but I still had not even touched my dick and I know I was leaking pre as it was soaking through my grey joggers. I continued on I was on the edge ( close to the point of no return). I quickly opened up the one video I know would send me off the cliff and by gosh it did, the cum was oozing out my joggers thick and creamy but I wasn’t done. I had cum but my body hadn’t orgasmed this is when I touched myself a few more rubs and a tugs and the intensity of that orgasm hit me harder than it did the very first time I cum.

I’m usually one of those guys who get turned off as soon as he cums but this time I wanted more I wasn’t finished I scooped up that cum leaking down my leg and eat it. I was so hard I was able to rub a second load out still in my Briefs.

NSFW: yes

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