Had a good time with my aunt (age: 40) in the kitchen.

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NSFW: yes

So here’s the thing, every time i go to my aunt and uncles house I all the time get hard over my aunt and it’s starting to become a issue now. She’s just too curvy and all the time bends over tables. Her tits look too perfect when she doesn’t have a bra on.

So me and her are in the kitchen while everyone else was upstairs. It was getting late so most people were in bed and i was downstairs with my auntie. I had a small cold so she gave me some hot water and some medicine and it was too stuffy upstairs so she said i’ll stay with you downstairs for a while. At that moment obviously my dick went hard and as we were alone it was too hard and I was wearing no boxers so you could see the bulge quite a lot.

She turned around and clocked I had a hard dick and had a very surprised face. I started explaining that sometimes i get a hard dick out of random and I would have to want it off. She felt bad and she was looking good that night so she figured maybe so should help him?

She comes over and pulls my shorts down and my dick pops out and slaps her in the face which made my dick tingle. She started jerking it and was drooling over my dick. She figured it was working and started sucking on my dick nice and slow. This wasn’t working either and she turns around pulled her clothes off and then started teasing my dick on her pussy. Eventually i slipped it in and we begin fucking but it has to be very quiet as there was people upstairs. I whisper to her i need to cum and as she was my aunt and she has a husband i couldn’t just cut inside her. I can tell she was my cum tho and she pulls it out of her vagina and puts it into her ass hole and tells me to explode. I end up cumming inside her ass and we clean up and go upstairs like nothing ever happened. Hopefully next time we meet we can have sex fully naked, would be a very fun time

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