Gf fancies mates dad

Gf has fancied him for years and he’s gave signals in the past. I told her if she’s honest with me and I get a free pass too then go for it, but I want details.

So last night she went out with her friend and stayed over at her place after and heard her dad walk through the door. Her friend was asleep and my gf messaged saying can I have the pass and I agreed.

2 hours later I get a Snapchat of my gf with a mouthful of cum. This morn I asked her what happened and it went like this..

It was about 1 in the morn, her friend was fast asleep, so my gf went down stairs topless for a glass of water and acted like she wondered he was out. He saw her, my gf covered her tits but after talking for a while she just moved her arms and said ‘well you’ve already seen now so no point in covering up’. He was hard and my gf started stroking him and he started sucking on her tits.

They went into the living room, he fucked her for a while and then she got on top and rode him. He couldn’t cum so she gave him head and edged him until he fill mouth and she grabbed her phone and sent me the evidence.

Shes never done anything like this before but seems pretty happy with herself this morning, even gave me head when she got home so I didn’t feel jealous and now we’ve been thinking who can I fuck.. tbh I really want to fuck her mate she’s hot

NSFW: yes

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