Getting her 5 a day. A game we played a lot (Includes MFM)

We were all the time looking for fun things to do together and with others and one of her favorites was the guessing game, I would insert numerous things into her and she would guess what they were, we used so many things but one day I took things to a whole new level.

Our post man was a guy in his mid to late 20’s, great guy who I eventually started going for a beer with. She had teased him many times, usually wearing see thru tops and on a couple of occasions coming into the kitchen topless and once greeting at the door totally naked. She had never had sex with him or so she said but had all the time said if I was OK with it she would let him fuck her on the kitchen table whenever he wanted. That gave me an idea. I had spoken to him and found out when he had a day off and told him what I had in mind, he was up for it.

The day we played the game I had as usual tied her to the bed and placed a blindfold on her. He reward for getting the majority right was for me to give her my credit card so she could go shopping with it. If she got the last object then there would be no limit on how much she could spend. The postman would let himself in at a specific time.

When she is as wet as she all the time was when we played slipping objects in was not a issue and so we began. Strawberry was first, she guessed straight away and after guessing right she ordered me to eat it, guys strawberries and pussy juice is beautiful, the next on she got wrong, a courgette (Zucchini). I then went banana unpeeled, she got that, unpeeled she got that and made me eat it. The handle of a screwdriver and handle of a brush where no problems. Cucumber she got but complained I could have got a bigger one, so I quickly went to the fridge and did just that, I pushed it into her deep and fucked her with it for a bit, always these objects were going in she was getting closer and closer to cumming. Next was my cock, she got that straight away and begged me to fuck her while I was there, I did for a minute or so then pulled out and pushed a pool cue inside her. Our postman had already entered the room, In his hand was a baseball bat, and a bottle, without saying anything He inserted the bottle, then he pulled it out and slowly began to push the bat into her, she was so close to going over the edge now, then the words I wanted to here “Johnny for fucks sake fuck me” I looked at the postman and gave him the nod. This guy had a cock to be proud of, bigger and fatter than mine and rock hard. I watched him climb on to the bed, looking over at me one more time he began to push into her, she gasped as the head past her entrance, he pushed again 2 or 3 inches were now inside of her “Johnnie this isn’t you” the postman pushed again there was still quite bit still to go, “This feels so good, who the fuck is it?” I told her she had to guess so she could spend what she liked. “I know who I want it to be but I don’t think I am that lucky” I looked at the postman smiled and told him to give her the full length but not to begin fucking her. He did exactly that which took her breath away she suddenly realised who it was “OMG it’s Mikey goddammit, oh shit, Johnnie I am sorry but as soon as he entered me I knew who it was” I looked over at Mikey “Fuck her hard buddy make her scream” he hammered her she was begging me to untie her but I wasn’t ready too, his cock was covered, she was cumming it seemed with every stroke when he yelled he was almost there I told him to not pull out he smiled and went for the big finish, or so I wondered, he came in her and she came shortly after, but he didn’t stop fucking her he kept on pounding, the guy was a freak he was still hard and still fucking her, I untied her and took off the blindfold She wrapped herself around him then rolled him onto his back a began to ride him “Get in my Ass Johnnie” She ordered and looking at her face I had no choice, it was her first ever DP and she was loving it, we fucked her hard, real hard, Mikey was the first to cum I followed she was cumming throughout the whole thing. As we both fell out of her and rolled onto our backs she looked over at me, “I think you need to clean my pussy up before Mikey leaves” Again there wasn’t much choice mainly because I loved cleaning her up. I didn’t even hesitate, damn she was full and I wasn’t gonna let her down.

Once I had finished cleaning her she admitted that her and Mikey almost had sex but had been disturbed when her moms car pulled into the drive, he had got the head into her but nothing more. She was gonna tell me but as it had happened the day before and we were pretty busy, she didn’t get the chance. I saw Mikey getting dressed, he was trying to stuff his erection into his jeans. “Mikey wouldn’t you just be better off losing the hard on” I looked over at my wife who smiled and opened her legs “One last time Mikey and I mean last time”.

NSFW: yes

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