Game Night

It was another Friday night and my wife and I were drinking and playing video games until the early hours of the morning. Around 1am, we were both sufficiently buzzed before my friend joined us to shoot some zombies. Having no filter at this point, I told my friend that my wife was distracting me with her tits, so my gameplay might not be up to par. We all laughed but it was true.

She had been wearing a tank top that did nothing to support her 34dd chest. The slightest movement would expose a nipple and I would reach over to grope her when it happened. One of those times led to my dying in game so while she was distracted, I reached over and took a picture of me grabbing my wife’s exposed tit. Half drunk and excited, I sent the picture to my friend over Discord. Amused, he asked if he should come over for a LAN party so he could sit next to her on the other side and play with her other tit.

I loved the idea and started laughing, forgetting that this conversation had not included my wife. When she asked what we were talking about, I told her my friend wants to play with her tits. She turned red but confidently, with the help of alcohol, stated that she would let him. We laughed and I told my friend to come on over and to bring some booze! We all had a good laugh as then we see him go offline. It wasn’t unusual for his connection to flake out and we assumed that was the case this time.

We kept playing and drinking for a little while before we heard a knock at the door. I got up and opened the door and there was my friend standing there with his computer and a bottle of wine. He said he was there for the LAN party and handed me the bottle of wine. We laughed and invited him in. I connected his PC next to my wife’s so she would be in the middle between us. As I did, he pored my wife a glass of wine and started drinking some of the liquor I had on hand. My wife and friend chatted while his computer booted up and he logged into the platform. I could catch glimpses of him look at my wife, his eyes look at her cleavage and exposed legs, her pink shorts covering little more than her butt. It was turning me on, knowing that any moment her nipple could slip out for him to see. We all sat down and resumed the game we had been playing.

It wasn’t long before her tank top slid down far enough for her nipple to be exposed. I grinned and looked over at my friend and he had noticed too. He had a mischievous grin on his face and was watching her. I reached over and grabbed her tit and she jumped at the feel of my hand on her exposed skin. She pulled her shirt up and was immediately embarrassed that my friend saw. We all laughed and he assured her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about, that they were beautiful.

We went back to playing and then my friend died. My wife and I continued through the level. Eventually she had died as well and I focused on getting us through the level. As I did, I happened to glance over and see that my wife’s tits had fallen out of her shirt again but this time, my friend had reached over and was playing with her breast that was closest to him. He was staring at her tits and my wife had her eyes closed, enjoying the attention. I continued to play and pretending to be oblivious to what was happening beside me.

He played with her tits until I finished the level. At the end, I teased that I had carried them through the level and looked over to the both of them. My wife seemed like she was coming out of a trance and was pulling her shirt back up and my friend acted like he had been watching my gameplay the whole time. I laughed and asked my wife why she was pulling her shirt up, that she had seemed to enjoy having my friend play with her tits as much as I did seeing it. They both turned red but my wife, being drunk and turned on, was the reddest.

I asked her to take them back out so I could play too, which she did. I reached over and started fondling her left breast as my friend reached over and started fondling her right breast. I was instantly hard and I could tell my wife was turned on as well. Her hand was between her legs, subtly rubbing herself.

I grinned and we watched her play before I asked if we were done playing games. They both agreed and I got up to get us all another drink. We downed our shots and I had my wife stand up and begin to strip. This was the first time she had been naked in front of another man other than me since we were married. She pulled her top over her head and we watched as her tits bounced freely. She then pulled her shorts and thong off in one motion, kicking them to the side. I came up behind her and had her face my friend. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them as I position her in front of him, encouraging him to feel how excited she was. Without hesitation, he reached out with his right hand and put his fingers between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy. My wife moaned loudly and arched her back. I held her firm as my friend got his fingers wet and then slowly slid a finger into her.

She came almost instantly as his finger explored inside of her. She bucked and moaned loudly as she came on his finger. I teased that she now owed him one as I pressed my hard cock against her ass. I asked how he could be reimbursed for his help and he just grinned and freed his cock from his pants. He sat back in the chair and put his hands behind his head. I grinned and whispered for my wife to take him in her mouth and help him out. I gave her tits one last squeeze before releasing her and bending her over in front of my friend. I could see her hand reach out and grab him, stroking him slightly before taking him in her mouth, sucking and jerking at the same time. I took the opportunity to free my own cock from my pants and easily slid into my wife’s soaking wet pussy. It seemed to pull me in and grab tight as I began to fuck her from behind. Her tits bounced playfully with every thrust and I watched as my wife sucked on my friend. He reached forward and groped her tits and I could hear her moan as she was the center of attention. It didn’t last long before I felt myself building to an orgasm and came deep inside my wife, over filling her with cum. On the final thrust, my friend said he was gonna cum as well and my wife moved so that I came out of her and she got to her knees. She jerked my friend off until he came on her tits.

She got up and went to the restroom to clean herself up and we cleaned up in the kitchen. The rest of the night, we joked and talked like everything was natural while planning for the next game night.

NSFW: yes

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