Fucked my brother’s friend

On this one particular day I was bored. So I decided to have some fun. My brother had one of some of his friends over, Adam and Cindy. They were all hanging out in the pool. My brother and Cindy left to go get more beer, and Adam was now just laying on the lawn chair tanning.
So I waited until I knew the other two had driven off. And I walked over to Adam and I put a blind fold over him. He laughed and asked if I had decided not to go with George.
He thinks I’m Cindy. This just got more fun. I begin rubbing his shoulders.
“Mmm that feels nice babe.”
I mount him. He puts his hands on my hips. Cindy and I are the se size, luckily. I begin kissing and sucking his neck. In this time he has removed my top and started playing with my nipples. We definitely do not have the same size in tits. Hers are a little bigger, I thought if he would notice.
He starts to moan more, and I’m trying to hold mine back.
I begin to grind on his crotch and I can feel him grow underneath me. I’m getting so wet and tempted.
“Take these off baby”
He’s pulling at my shorts. I stood up and quickly took off my shorts and panties and I sat back on him. He still had his trunks on. I started grinding him more and his thumb has found my clit and he’s rubbing me. Oh God it feels so good. I let out a satisfying moan. Shit, I wonder if he knows I’m not Cindy now?
He takes a hold of my hips and is moving my hips back and forth on his rock hard dick. He lifts me up a little so he can take off his trunks.
When I saw how big he is, I was very excited.
“Ride me.” He moans. The blindfold is still on him.
I decide that I want to slide on that cock and get it nice and wet befor I put it in me. So I’m grinding him more. My pussy juice getting all over that cock. Fuck I need it in me soon, I’m gonna cum just from this.
“You’re such a tease.” He then grabs my hips again and lifts me a little, I took my hand and I positioned him right at my entrance. And he slowly lowered me down on to him.
The way he felt going inside of me is indescribable.
I begin bouncing on him and we are both moaning now.
“Oh my God your pussy feels so good. Don’t stop”
I begin bouncing harder and faster, I’m gonna cum. Oh God it’s coming, I cannot hold it back.
I came so hard on him, I can feel the warmth of my cum coat his cock.
“You like that baby?”
“Yes” I moan
I had no idea it was gonna feel this good with him. As I continue to bounce on him, feeling him slide in and out of me, he takes hold of my hips again and he’s trusting up into me. Harder and harder. He’s pounding my g-spot. Oh fuck I’m gonna cum again. My body is starting to tense up, it feels way too good. I cannot take it!
I squirt on him. But that doesn’t slow him down. He keeps going. I’m spent, this is way too much pleasure.
“I’m going to cum.” He moans. And with a few more hard thrusts, I feel his cock pouring his cum into my used pussy. We both laid there limp for a little bit.
I heard a couple car doors shut. I got off of Adam and walked back inside the house to my room.
I did hear Cindy ask why he was naked with a blind fold on.
He’s about to get into so much trouble.

NSFW: yes

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