Fucked her good

In college I had this math teacher who was a right dick. Hewas at all times giving me detention and almost failing me every term. I was getting a plan to get him back! His wife was an English n history teacher who was at all times nice n attentive to me. One afternoon she was my detention teacher and I got to work on her. Laughs n compliments got passed n soon I realised she was keen on me. I went for it n kissed her and she was straight into it. We went to her office and we gave each other the best oral!! Blown away by my cock it almost didn’t fit but it was hot and the best sex. Both rounds. Soon I found out she was gonna swing clubs n was gonna leave her hubby.. so waiting for graduation and he came home after the ceremony where she told him it was over n then out I came hard as a rock n he watched his wife n a teacher drop n suck my dick. He walks over n drops to her n she turned to kiss him. I’m shocked n lost but he takes it in his hand and said that it’s his turn finally n starts to suck my cock. It hot n feels good like I’m going to cum. He gets up and grabbed my head pulls down for me to suck him only to get hard n fuck me with his average cock and then take mine yelling how big it was before I went to fuck his wife and he fucked me n blew in my mouth and I blew I’m there’s n faces

NSFW: yes

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