Former student athlete and coach (mmf) – Short Sex Story

It was supposed to be an afternoon party. Light cocktails and home by sundown.

Mrs L, that’s what we’ll call her, was chatting me up as usual. She was at all times a flirt and me and her had a history. Anyways, she keeps asking me who this young man was. I told her he was a former student athlete I coached and we joked about being young. I could tell she had been drinking, so I made a simple opinion about wouldn’t she like him as a student. And she looked me straight in the eyes and said I had no idea.

So, against her wishes, I called B over to introduce him. He was very flirty too and I said she should give him a tour of the house. Mind you, none of us lived there, but it was a good buddy’s of mine house. I knew he didn’t care.

B said he had to use the bathroom, so we ended up in one of the guest rooms with an attached bath. While he was in there, I dared Mrs L to take her panties off since she was wearing a sundress. Without hesitation she did and gave them to me. I could smell her excitement.

When B opened the door, with beer in hand, I threw the panties at him and they landed right on the beer can like a ring on a poll. Mrs L was so embarrassed.

I think it took B a second to realize what they were. I told him to smell them which he did. At this point Mrs L was sitting on the bed with her head in her hands giggling. Probably nervous and embarrassed. I told B that since he had hers, he should give her his.

I’ve never been so proud of a former athlete! He dropped his pants, dick already hard and said, I don’t wear any. I can’t forget the look on Mrs L’s face. I was laughing so hard I didn’t even notice her move to her knees. But when I caught my breath, she was there, dick in hand and sucking like the slut I knew she was.

Now I was the one shocked. Here is my former athlete and a milf slut just getting after it. She was all over that dick and moaning. I’m surprised he didn’t nut then and there. Needless to say, her bare ass was peaking out from under that skirt and I had to have me some. I love to eat pussy and ass so…

Mrs L was super wet. I mean, she was so wet her asshole was glistening with just a couple of licks. So I lied on my back and told her to sit on my face. Boy she almost grinded my beard off. I don’t know what B was doing to her, but her pussy would spasm every time I heard a wretch from above.

Again, a proud coach, I hear B say, get on the bed slut. She almost jumped off my face and before I knew it she was getting fucked from behind with her face stuffed in the bed. I mean this boy was gonna town. Slapping and pulling hair.

I figure, might as well get naked right? So I strip and climb on the bed. Get a handful of hair and shove myself into her mouth. At this point she is in ecstasy and pretty much would do whatever we wanted. And, we’ll, we put her to the test.

We were pounding away on both sides of Mrs L when she moved her head to the side and let out this grunt. I mean, I wondered she was going unconscious. I’m pretty sure she squirted all over B, because he just let out a “God damn”

At this point she was jello on the bed. I wanted my turn at that pussy and B went to go pick up his beer. I grabbed Mrs L and put her right on my dick. She was now lying on my stomach as I pounded away. I felt the pressure of B getting on the bed and spread her ass cheeks wide for him.

As I mentioned before, her ass was glistening a will ago and B didn’t hesitate. It was a tight fit for sure, but other than some guttural sounds, Mrs L put up no resistance.

I can’t tell you how long we fucked her in that position. None of us wanted to stop. I swear, at one point, we were staying still and she was bucking and fucking both of us. Incredible.

The next thing that came out of her mouth was amazing “I want both those dicks in my pussy”. I mean wtf? That was so hot I felt my dick cum immediately in her pussy and B’s in her ass. She again squirted all over and collapsed on top of me.

Next thing I know, B pulled her into the bathroom and I hear the shower running. As I walked into the bathroom smelling of pussy and cum, I don’t know how she did it, but she was back on her knees and had B harder than before. Oh, to be young…

NSFW: yes

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