Forbidden Fruit [18F/28M][School Girl][Age Gap][Oral Sex][FemDom]

I’ve at all times been the sort of woman who wants what she can not have. I suppose, a trait that makes me both desirable and troublesome.

I became very much sexually aware at a young age. Perhaps, maybe a little too young. But that’s another story for another day.

My body changed. I looked more of a woman and less than a girl, and the men around me, seemed to notice that too.

I slipped my uniform on, pulling up my skirt a little higher than it was meant to be – exposing more of my youthful soft skin. My over the knee socks pulling in my college girl look together, I looked different. I felt different.

I was finally legal. Officially 18.

So, I made my way to college with a purpose in mind. A very *tempting* yet *dangerous* purpose that day.

*Knock Knock*

“Come in.”

*Here, I go.*

And sure enough, as soon as I entered his classroom his scent invaded my nostrils. Mens cologne with a hint of shaving cream and whiskey, I hated how it took no real effort from this man to make me wet.

His eyes froze at my sight – eyes roaming my small body as he shifted uncomfortably in his desk. Stopping right at the lollipop I held between my fingers and pressed against my lips.

I smiled and sat in front of him.

“It’s my birthday today Mr.Herbert,” I exclaimed excitedly.

I crossed my legs, the fabric of my skirt rising as I sucked on my lollipop once again.

I caught the way he sucked in a breath of air. See, I paid attention to body language. Especially with Mr.Herbert, the way his eyes roamed my body, the way I made him nervous, the way he stared a little too long at my lips – at my legs, the way he at all times got a little too close, the way he at all times watched me in class..

“Is it now?”

I happily nodded, this time making a loud smack as I continued to suck on my lollipop. Sticking out my tongue to give it a long lick as I stared at him, watching his every move as I did.

He let out a nervous laugh.

“Well, happy birthday Luna. You look really beautiful today.”

His eyes widened at the realization of what he said.

“I mean, you look good. You always do. All my students do..”

I giggled. This wasn’t the first time I’ve made a man nervous. Specifically, an older man. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the affect my body and words had on these men.

I leaned forward, pushing my soft plump breasts together. My cleavage giving a full view of them as this time, I made out with the lollipop in my hand. My eyes fixated on his.

I could hear his heavy breathing. His chest rising in a fast manner as he turned to look at his open door. I knew exactly what he was thinking..

*What if someone walks in?*

*What if we get caught?*

“Close the door Mr.Herbert,” I ordered.

He turned to me flabbergasted.

I slowly unlocked my legs and spread them aside. Giving him a full view of my white lace thong.

“Luna!” He hissed.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

I leaned back against my chair and brought my lollipop to my lips, getting it nice and wet. Sucking on it as if it was a cock. Then bringing it down between my legs and rubbing it against my pussy through the fabric of my thong.

“Don’t you like what you see?” I asked innocently while batting my eyelashes.

His cock rose, shifting once again in his chair as he tried to hide it from me.

“You’re my student. I can’t. I won’t.”

I got up and slowly began to unbutton my shirt. Making my way to the door and closing it, locking it just in case.

“I’m 18 now,” I reminded him.

I slowly slipped off my shirt and drop it to the floor. My plump breasts fully exposed to him now. Soon after, unzipping my skirt and letting it fall down to the floor. Standing half naked before him.

His eyes widen in complete astonishment. Taking me in as his eyes hungrily devoured me.


My hips gracefully made their way to him, settling myself in between his legs as I gripped his chin and forced him to look at me – Causing him to be completely off guard by my actions and the aggressiveness behind them.

You see, a man like him tends to be more of the dominant kind. He wasn’t used to this, I could tell. However, judging by the look on his face – he was enjoying it.


I pressed a finger to his lips.

“You talk too much Mr.Herbert.”

I pulled him up from his chair. His hard cock exposed to my eyes now, pulling him down by his tie, bringing his face close to mine – I brushed my lips against his ear.

“I masturbate a lot to you. I think about the way your cock would stretch my tight little hole out,” I whispered as my lips then brushed against his.

“I think about the way your mouth and tongue would feel against my small folds and my clit.”

My hand slowly trailed down to his hard cock and I began stroking him, causing his head to fall back and moan.

“I think about the way your cock would feel inside my mouth. Inside my ass. I think about the way you taste.”

I sucked and bit on the sensitive skin of his neck.

“Do you want to feel how wet I am?” I whispered against his neck.

He let a breath out and with hazy eyes he nodded.

Fuck, yes please.”

My small hand curled around his throat and I gripped it hard. Bringing his face closer to mine..

I stuck my tongue out and lick his lips – playfully biting down and tugging on his bottom lip.

His eyes lit up in excitement as I brought his hand between my legs.

“Get on your knees Mr.Herbert,” I ordered.

This wasn’t where I intended things to go, but I certainly was enjoying it. Having this man do as I say, obey my every command – fueled up a fire he ignited in me since we first met.

Hesitant at first, he then complied.

Kneeling before me.

God, the sight of such a tall and muscular man like him submitting to me – a small young woman, drove me insane.

“Do you want to taste my pussy?”

I sat up on his desk, spread my legs out and began sucking on my lollipop once again.

“Yes, Luna. I do.”

Satisfied with that answer, I began to trail my wet lollipop down my body – reaching my wet cunt. Sliding my panties to the side, I began to rub my lollipop in a circular motion against my cunt.

I rubbed my juices all over it, making a sweet mess out of my pussy.

“**Come here**.”

Right when he was about to get up and do so, I stopped him.

“**Crawl to me.**”

Once again, he looked a little astonished but did as he was told. He began crawling to me..

“Get up,” I said as I pulled him up by his hair.

“Open up.”

He did and I stuck my lollipop in his mouth.

“Suck on it. I want you to taste myself Mr.Herbert.”

And suddenly, a switch flipped in him. He began sucking hungrily, looking up at me as he did.

“That’s it. Just like that.”

I pulled my lollipop out of his mouth and brought it back to my lips. Sucking on it once again while he watched as my juices began dripping down my thigh now.

“May I please eat your pussy Luna? It’s your birthday after all.”

I won’t lie, I blushed hard. I was a virgin and this would be the first time any man would ever eat me out..

“Please Luna. Let me do this for you. I want you to use me for your pleasure.”

My eyes fluttered and I bit down on my bottom lip, waves of excitement consuming me and I agreed.

“You may.”

And just like that, he began devouring my young folds. His face deep between my young wet cunt as I arched my back. My small moans invading the four walls of his classroom.

I looked down at him, his hazel eyes looking right back at me. I gripped his hair hard and shoved his face further into me. Grinding my pussy against his gorgeous face, rubbing my cunt juices all over him.

*I wanted to mark this man with my scent.*

“Spit on it.”

He did as he was told. Rubbing it all over my cunt with his fingers.

I brought him up to my face and kissed him hard. My tongue explored every inch of his mouth.

“Tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours.”



“I’m yours Luna.”


“**I’m yours *Goddess* Luna**.”




“I’m yours Goddess Luna.”

I kissed him hard.

“Good boy,” I cooed.

I brought his face back down to my cunt. Grinding all over it.

“Smell it Mr.Herbert. Smell my pussy. I want you to know what it’s like to taste young pussy.”

I could hear him struggling to breathe a little.

“What do you say?” I mockingly asked as I pulled his head back.

“Thank you Goddess.”

I bucked my hips upwards, no words needed for him to figure out that I wanted him to go back to licking my pussy.

He sucked, licked and gently nibbled on the small bead of my clit. And God, did this man know just how to use his mouth. My legs trembled – I was close. I could feel it.

*My first, real orgasm was his.*

I pulled on his hair harder as my legs began to give out.. My climax finally hitting home and cumming all over his tongue.

*I couldn’t breathe. Is this what it was like to get your cunt licked? Fuck, that felt so good.*

“Such a good little fuck toy,” I praised, looking down and slowly running my fingers through his hair adoringly.

“So absolutely fucking precious. You look so good between my legs.”

I sat up and pulled him up to kiss me. Tasting myself off his mouth. Softly caressing his cheeks as I did.

“Best birthday gift ever,” I whispered in between the kiss.

He moaned. Soft, delicious little grunts escaped his lips and I was living for it.

“Anything for you. Everything and anything for you Luna.”

“Is that so?”

He nodded.

“After tasting you, I can’t go back. I **can’t**. You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of this. Of you..”

He settled between my thighs and inhaled my scent.

“Of the way you smelt and tasted. I want it all to myself. *Please*.”

I wolfishly grinned and commanded, “**Beg for it**.”

And just like that, he sat up impeccably straight with his wrists extended to me and his head down – an absolute awe-striking sight.

“Please Goddess. Please let me serve you. Please own me, use me and allow me to fulfill my purpose in this life by worshiping the ground you walk on.”

His words were music to my ears. Euphoria invaded every inch of my being as I saw the man before me submit to me.

*His submission was something worth keeping. Worth cherishing. Worth seeing.*

*He* was *worthy*.

I made my way towards him and softly scratched his head. My small youthful frame before his was quite the sight – a gorgeous sight.

And I wanted him to know just how much I adored him already. For this. For everything..

“Your submission is absolutely precious,” I cooed.

My hand softly rounded its way down to his chin and pulled his face up to me. Adoringly staring into his eyes.

“You’re mine. All mine, from now on.” I whispered.

I grabbed his wrists and pulled him up, his large frame once again towering over me. My scent all over him as his hard cock pointed out at me.

“I want you to see how much I cherish your submission. How much it means to me.”

I start to get on my knees for him. My back straight as I slowly start to unbuckle his pants.

“I’m a virgin Mr.Herbert. But here I am. Giving myself to you as well.”

I pulled his cock out and began to leave soft kisses all over it as he moaned at my touch.

“You’re the first man to ever taste me. And now, you’ll be the first man *I’ll* ever taste.”

His eyes darkened and widen out of shock. Not expecting me to be inexperienced..


I cut him off before he could argue or end up regretting any of this.

“It’s okay. I want this. I want *you*. Please, let me have this okay? Let me have you.”

Funny how the roles have now reversed – being now the one on her knees and begging.

He pulled me up and kissed me intensely. His actions catching me completely off guard. That dominant man I knew was in him finally coming out..

“Am I really the first man to ever touch you?” He breathed out against my lips.

I innocently nodded.

He groaned.

“You *truly* do deserve to be worshipped. Thank you. Thank you for choosing me.”

I blushed, everything and everyone around us slowly disappearing.

“Thank *you* for making this the best birthday ever.”

I softly kissed him then got back down on my knees. Taking his cock in my hand once again and placed him inside my mouth. My head moving up and down, using everything I’ve learned off porn in this very moment.

He moaned and gripped the top of my head for support. Thrusting his thick cock all the way down to the back of my throat and slowly but roughly – he began to fuck my mouth.

Purposeful strokes, as I looked up at him with my big brown eyes.

It took a couple minutes before I started to feel his cock twitch and throb inside my lips – His warm load slowly spurting out of him and down my throat.

I opened my mouth to show him I swallowed. I didn’t want his seed to go to waste.

“Holy shit,” he breathed out.

And just like that, the bell rang – bringing us back to reality. We began to get dressed as he began cleaning himself up, making sure he looked just as sharp as when I first got here.

“Class is about to start. Go sit down.”

“We’re not done. This is only just the beginning,” I said.

I finished buttoning up the last buttons left on my shirt as I giggled.

“I’ll see you after school Mr.Herbert. Only this time, I expect to see you on your knees once I walk through that door.”

I winked and placed a kiss on his cheek, making my way to my seat just in time for him to open the door and for people to begin showing up minutes later – his classroom now filling up while I counted down the hours for college to be over and finally be all alone with him once again.

NSFW: yes

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