Fingered and jerked off by a old friend [M30 and F29]

This isn’t as good as my first two memories here (strip monopoly and my first MMF threesome) but I is still hot.

About five years ago my future wife and I were in an open relationship for a couple of years as she wanted to explore her dom side and I wasn’t really into it. She hooked up with a couple of people over the years which I found a enormous turn on but I never did anything myself until one evening.

A friend, who I had hooked up with many years before at school but nothing since, came to stay over after she missed her train home. My wife was out for the night with her regular fuck buddy.

She is a small, Japanese girl with perky b cup tits, curved ass, slim create and a juicy pussy. I remembered her being a great ride and she has hooked up with over 50 guys so she is a total slut and knows just what she is doing.

We chatted, had a glass of wine etc and eventually we ended up cuddling on the sofa. That was when I started to feel myself beginning to get hard. She was lying on my chest, stroking my arms and then she felt my dick throb on her arm. I still remember her looking down, smiling and then cupping my head and kissing me deeply. We spent five minutes or so kissing each other, running our hands down our bodies until she finally started to stroke my boner through my shorts. I moaned and then she took my hand and guided it down to her trouser buttons which I undid and I slid my hands into her panties. She was wet to the touch and I quickly found her clit and began to gently stroke her. She moaned and pulled off her trousers to reveal her juicy, big pussy which I began to finger fuck with one hand and the other kept going on her clit.

She then undid my zip and pulled out my cock which sprang up and she took it in her right hand and jerked me off slowly but getting faster and faster.

I undid her bra and she was soon totally naked except her panties pulled over to the side. I was totally clothed except my shorts and boxers around my knees.

After ten minutes or so I felt her tense, pull my fingers in and she came all over hands. She then looked at me filthilly, smiled and got my dick in her mouth while she jerked me off into it.

After five minutes, I I couldn’t take it anymore and I shot my load into her mouth and she then swallowed it down before we both put out clothes back on and went to our separate beds. We have talked about it once or twice since complimenting each other on how good we were but it is was amazing.

Despite being allowed by my wife it felt filthy and wrong. The only other woman I have been with in over ten years and it was so hot.

NSFW: yes

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