Finally found a DVP position that worked

I’ve tried with different combinations of partners to do DVP and couldn’t get it to really work. I’m 5’1” but curvy it took a bit to discover a position that worked. Most recommend girl on top with the men laying front to front with the shorter (equipment) man putting his legs over the longer man to even the lengths. With my short legs I could never get in position well.

What finally worked – i straddled the shorter partner cowgirl and leaned forward. The longer and taller partner straddled us both and came in from behind. It was intense and comfortable both men were able to thrust without popping out easily. Once the first came, all the extra juice sent the second over pretty quickly and I had my first double cream pie.

So if you’ve been struggling – it’s efficient and it was definitely something I want to try again!

NSFW: yes

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