Fiction or nonfiction – you be the judge. – Short Sex Story

Brad was a 20 year old school student and recently split from his high-school girlfriend. Through much of Brad’s teen years he thought if he might be at least somewhat interested in men as more than friends. His upbringing was pretty ordinary for middle America in the 90s with conservative/religious parents. After years of brushing off thoughts about a same sex relationship and the new freedom of being single, Brad’s curiosity peeked but he had no idea how he would even approach it.

A few weeks later on a warm September evening Brad left his dorm and went to a local school bar that was more “liberal” on seriously checking ids. After a couple drinks a patron at the bar strikes up a conversation with Brad. Last call rolls around and the guy invites Brad to a place that open late and is just down the road. Brad agrees and after a short walk they arrive at the man’s apartment.

At this point it becomes more clear what is happening and Brad begins to panic internally. But the gentleman has been very friendly and he doesn’t want to be rude at this point. After some more chatting and another drink the man puts on some porn in the background. Seems a little awkward but Brad doesn’t really seem to mind. Before long the man moves in and begins undoing brads pants and oral sex ensues. Shortly thereafter brads pants are off and the gentleman is standing behind him requesting permission………..

NSFW: yes

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