Father (40) and daughter (18)

**An innocent type of incest story. I’m not experienced writing in English, let me know what you think of it please.**

So my daughter lives with her mom but every month she stays with me for an entire week. Last summer I did something terrible. I’m still more or less awake late at night when Sarah opens my bedroom door. It’s too dark to see anything but I can hear it. I think I kept quiet just to see what she was up to, even though sarah’s not the girl that you would ever expect doing anything wrong. I’m on my back, naked, with only a sheet covering me. I feel Sarah getting in bed, under the sheet and close to me. She whispers “dad, are you awake?”. I decide to not respond and act like I’m sleeping. Again, I’m not sure why. At this point I assume she just wants to sleep here with me. Like actually sleep, nothing else. And while I would LOVE it that she would still want that, she’s also 18 already so it would be a bit weird I guess. After waiting a couple of seconds she carefully gets more comfortable, her upper body pushing up against me and her arm over my waist. I can feel one breast/nipple against my left arm so I know she’s at least topless.

Looking back, this was the moment I should have said something, or acted as if I was waking up. I guess I was just really curious about what she was doing, especially knowing she wasn’t wearing a lot, or maybe nothing at all. We aren’t that ‘casual’ with each other after all, we never see each other even half-naked. But I wasn’t thinking of anything sexual yet at this point. I mean, it’s Sarah, my sweet loving daughter. We have zero interest in anything like that towards each other. Or so I wondered.

Again with a little pauze she lets her hand slide down over my legs so now she knows I’m naked, then moves back up stroking my chest for a couple of seconds, and down again right into my… Well… ‘Private area’. She sort of brushes her hand over my penis. She carefully feels it, holds it in her hand. I’m pretty sure Sarah just got really curious. That she wanted to know what it feels like. I say that because Sarah hasn’t had a boyfriend yet. She wants to wait for the right one instead of dating random boys, or worse, sleeping with them. Now, she never said she didn’t have sex yet but it just makes sense, especially now with the way she’s feeling my soft penis. It’s really like she’s just ‘checking it out’.

I know it’s wrong, but I sort of hope she never finds a boyfriend. I really hate the wondered of Sarah having sex so I’m glad she’s not that sort of girl. Needless to say I don’t want anything sexual with her either of course. I mean, she’s a sweet and beautiful girl that I would LOVE to have sex with, it would make me feel like I’m the king of the world if any girl like her wanted me. But not Sarah herself, not my daughter, I just don’t and cannot imagine something like that.

But here we are. I hope she would just do nothing else but feel, and go back to her room or fall asleep with me. But she doesn’t. Not at all. Lying on her side against me, she carefully starts to move around a bit and manages to put my left hand right between her legs. Yeah… My hand is between my daughter’s legs AND she’s clearly fully naked, not just topless. She’s making these little movements with her hips or whatever, so the side of my hand just brushes her… You know… Her ‘lips’ down there.

Please stop Sarah, please stop! It’s all I can think right now. This is my fault, I was so damn stupid acting like I was sleeping and now I feel like I cannot do anything else but to keep up the act. Sarah goes on like this for a minute or two, using my hand to masturbate, kind of. I think she wants to know how it feels to be touched. She definitely seems to like it. Her head is on my shoulder and I can feel it through her breathing and silent moans. But I’m really just trying to ignore it all. I’m picturing myself naked in icy water, just to make sure I don’t get aroused myself.

And it works. Well… at least for those couple of minutes. Then Sarah grabs my penis again. My thankfully flacid penis or else she might suspect I’m awake, or maybe suspect that I’m letting her do this because I like it. Now that could just ruin everything between us. So with her hand wrapped around my dick she starts to stroke it and whispers “Yeah daddy… Oh yeah… Fuck me… Oh yeah… Put your cock in me… Fuck my pussy… My virgin pussy…”

Well, fuck me. It’s so great to hear she is indeed still a virgin, but I really wish I could unhear all the rest. For one because mentally I cannot get back in that cold water. I’m really trying to stay flacid, but everything’s just so damn warm. Her hand, her legs, her body, her breath. A young gorgeous virgin girl is rubbing her pussy against my hand, her body up against mine, stroking my cock and asking me to be the first to fuck her. On top of that, I haven’t had sex after divorcing her mother over 2 years ago, and I haven’t masturbated the entire week. Yeah, you try not to get a boner in this situation…

So there it goes, less than a minute and I’m growing hard. My biggest fear is it will freak her the fuck out, realizing that I’m not asleep. But luckily (yeah well…) it doesn’t. She mumbles something like “Oh daddy, I so hoped that would work” or whatever, so she probably thinks it also ‘works’ when sleeping. It only arouses her more. Sarah’s movements keep getting quicker, a bit like she’s ‘riding’ my hand. She doesn’t seem too scared anymore that she’d wake me up. Her dirty talk continues: “Oh daddy, what a big hard cock! Put it in me! Fuck me hard daddy! Fuck my pussy please!”

Meanwhile the idea that she’s gonna make me orgasm terrifies me. I don’t think I will be able to keep quiet. But suddenly there’s hope. Sarah stops stroking my cock and starts kissing me. Just some soft kisses on my lips, then some tongue sliding between my lips. And oh my fucking god, I love it! I cannot help it, I just love her smooth lips, her soft and warm tongue, that sweet feminine touch. I wish this was all she did. This would have been so much more innocent. But maybe this is where she stops. She’s a clever girl after all, maybe she realizes this is all wrong, that she should stop here.

But yeah… No… Not really… With her hand still wrapped around my erect cock she goes whispering again: “Oh dad… I wish we could really do this… Awake… Please each other… Feel each other… I wanna… I wanna suck your cock, daddy. Would you like that? I’m sure you do. I’m going to suck it, daddy, I’m going to suck your cock and I wish you could feel it, I wish you could enjoy it, enjoy how I please you, I wish I could make you cum, daddy… Oh, I’m so nervous… Excited… Because you’re the first, daddy. You’re the first and I’m so happy it’s you, even if you’ll never know it…”

Oh man! I don’t want to be the fucking first, I don’t ever want you to suck any cock at all, honey! I wish the shouting in my head would have the power to stop her, but of course it fucking doesn’t. She pulls back the sheet so I’m fully uncovered, and I can feel her hair brushing over my stomach and groin area. She doesn’t attack right away but first licks my shaft a couple of times with that soft tongue of hers that is now losing its innocence fast. I’m still trying to maybe get soft again, but she’s just not letting me, and when I feel my cock entering her mouth I know it’s a lost battle. The only thing I can do from here on is to hope she’s not gonna suck me long enough to make me cum.

But things look really bad. She’s starting slow, trying to take it in as deep as she can, gagging a couple of times, then slowly picks up the pace and even pleases my glans with her tongue. I’m guessing she used the internet so she would be well ‘prepared’ for the day she would need it. Like I said, things look bad, really bad… Sarah keeps going at it. I wonder if she sees this as practice or whatever, because she thinks I cannot feel it after all. I try not to focus on the blowjob but fuck, Sarah sucks my dick better than her mom ever did… No no no!!! I cannot fucking think shit like that, I cannot give in to it. She’s my daughter for fucks sake!! But it’s so damn good you know… And it’s been so long… No! Come on man, keep it together! …Sigh… There’s my breaking point… I’m in heaven and a gorgeous angel is sucking my cock…

I know I cannot hold this for much longer, but I also know I cannot cum in my daughter’s mouth. I just cannot. She’s all innocent, so perfect, the best daughter you could ever wish for. It would kill me inside to know someone came in her mouth. And I’m that fucking someone. Her own fucking father who could’ve easily prevented this. The poor girl probably doesn’t even expect it, she’s going to know I’m awake, won’t she? I’m going to have to keep really fucking still when it happens or else… Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Please don’t… Oh please don’t cum… I’m fucking shooting… Keep it in, man! There goes another… And again… Why is she not pulling back? I’m shooting… Shooting it in her mouth… Just stop it… But I cannot… There goes more cum… And more… And she’s taking it all… Fucking stop already… Another one… And there’s the last of it I think… Or one more… Yeah… That was all of it…

I hate myself. I fucking emptied my balls into my daughter’s mouth. I’m not getting that dad-of-the-year mug this time. I just don’t get how I could’ve let it come this far. Why didn’t I just ‘wake up’…? Too late now… The damage is done. Sarah comes close to me again. “Oh dad…” she says in her happy voice, “I didn’t know you would… But I’m so fucking thrilled… So thrilled that it happened… I’m shaking… But so glad you’re the first… I wanted you to be the first… Like the first for everything…”

Well, she still doesn’t suspect anything, so at least we have that. And she’s still a virgin, right? So this could have been worse. A lot worse. I cannot turn back time so at least I’m trying to be positive. Sarah isn’t done whispering to my face though, clearly still excited. “I just can’t believe it… I fucking sucked your cock, daddy… And I swallowed, ha! It tastes disgusting, but I swallowed… Isn’t that fucking crazy?! Oh dad… I wish we could do this while you’re awake though, but yeah, I know we can’t. I really wish you could have felt this… Or maybe you did? Like in the morning you would remember it like a dream? I so hope you do. I so hope you remember… Sleep tight, daddy.”

Sarah leaves my room and I’m trying to forget it all and get some sleep. I take comfort in knowing that She really did sound thrilled about it. At least she’s happy, let’s just focus on that.

The next morning is obviously gonna be awkward, but I know I have to act as typical as I possibly can. Sarah kisses me like all the time when I walk into the kitchen. She smiles at me, I try to avoid eye contact. “So dad, did you sleep well last night?” she asks. “Uhm… What do you… Eh.. Yeah, honey… I slept fine…” Oh my fucking God, I probably sound like the guiltiest man on Earth now, and Sarah confirms: “Oh…? Is something wrong? You had like a bad dream or something?” She says it with a big smile of course, hoping that I dreamt about ‘the thing’. And maybe I’m just really stupid, but in a reflex I tell her that I actually did have the weirdest dream but I don’t want to talk about it. Maybe it’s not that stupid though, it’s a good explanation for why I’m acting all weird. But Sarah wants to hear more, she wants to know if it was ‘that sort of dream’ since I’m so secret about it. Again I try to drop the subject but then: “Oh my God, dad, was I in it?!”

I don’t actually tell her, but she can clearly notice that’s exactly the signal I’m sending her. Not that I want to, I just cannot help looking so damn guilty and embarrassed. That’s when she stops talking about it. She’s happy, she’s got what she wanted, and I’m sort of glad she does. I wonder what else is gonna happen between us.

NSFW: yes

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