Family friend turns into house cleaner

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For months now my wife and I had been having marital issues and there was no sex to be had by anyone well at least for me. I have had suspicions she had been cheating on me by the way she clinging onto her phone and working quite late a couple days a week which was highly unusual in her role but anyway. We had my kid’s birthday a few weeks back at our place and we had about 15 x 9 year old’s running around the house. A few parents hung around for the party. One of the mum’s(Jane) was single and a very flirtatious but innocent (so I wondered) lady who wore yoga pants and a loose fitting t-shirt as she had to work a shift after the party as she was a house cleaner. While the kids were being entertained by the people we hired to do the party my wife and I got talking to Jane.

She told us what happened in her marriage and how her husband had left her etc and she loved being around my wife and I as we were down to earth and funny even though we had only seen her a few times at other kids parties and college drop off but she was at all times friendly. When my wife and I was starting to get the food ready Jane told me your sense of humor is great, my family would love you. I took it with a grain of salt and laughed it off. Later on near the end of the party she told us she cleaned houses for a job and was looking for more work. Nothing eventuated from this conversation but my wife and I had been talking about getting a cleaner for a while now on a fortnightly basis so my wife sent her a message and asked her for her prices etc and what we wanted to have done. She came over the next day and we booked her in. She was coming on the following Monday and I had an RDO so I was gonna be home to run her through the areas of the house we wanted her focus on.

The Monday came and I dropped the kids off to college and went home and had a shower and put on some shorts and a singlet. After that I was doing some washing and ironing to get ready for the remaining week and the the door bell rang, I answered and once again she was in her yoga pants and a loose fitting short t-shirt. She was cute as anything!!! I showed her the areas we wanted her to focus on and then she asked me Are you doing the washing and ironing? I said yeah gotta do these things and help out each other as my wife and I work some long hours. She said That is really cute and that is a woman’s dream with a sultry look in her eye and a cute little smile. I just laughed it off again and she said I better get to the cleaning and done a cute little spin around and off she went.

After an hour or so I was all finished and she was still going strong with the cleaning. I decided to make myself a coffee and sit down and relax with some TV. Then she came into the loungeroom to clean and said do you mind if I clean here now? I said no probs and go for it. As she was dusting I could see her midriff under shirt and she had a beautiful body that was trim and gorgeous tits, her arse in the yoga pants was not to big but was nice and plump (something to really to hang onto). She was sweating a bit and she asked me if she could have a glass of water? I said sure I will grab you one. I passed her the glass of water and she said Oh thanks so much, I normally don’t stop once I begin cleaning but it is quite warm. I said take a load off for 5 minutes if you want? She said thanks and sat a couple of spots away from me on our 4 seater couch. We talked for a little bit and she said I am sorry if I embarrassed you earlier about the Woman’s dream of a man that does washing and ironing. I said no worries it’s a bit of fun and she replied not for me, I think you are really cute. I said you are really cute as well. She moved a bit closer on the couch and put here hand on my knee and I was starting to get quite hard and the heart was pumping a bit. She leaned in and kissed me and said thanks for the work now how about we have a workout? I nearly burst out laughing it was that corny but I quickly pulled her in close and started returning the kiss and we were on.

A we were kissing we let our hands move around each other bodies and I was slightly biting her lip and rubbing her pussy and it was hot and wet. I pushed her back and lifted up her top and feeling her perfect tits and hopped down onto my knees and slowly pulled down her tight yoga pants. I started kissing and licking my way up her legs until I reached her pussy and I began licking, sucking and teasing her pussy with my finger. After a few minutes she started to get her wriggle on and started moaning, her juices were all over my beard and I started making my way up to her mouth. She grabbed my chin before I could kiss her and started to lick my lips with her tongue and she said it’s now my turn now Boss, She pushed me back so I was lying on the floor and she licked and bited over my shorts and pulled down my shorts and went to town on my 7″ cock, I was gently pushing her head and trying to slow her down and she sensed that I was not far away from blowing my load. She made her way but up to my head and we started kissing again. I quickly ran down to my the bathroom and grabbed a Condom as my wife and I had been using condoms as she did not want to get pregnant again and got back into it. She said you get back down here cause I am gonna fuck you so hard. She then sat up and lifted her waist and grabbed my cock and slid it straight into her super wet pussy and she starting riding me, she was grabbing my chest and I was grabbing her hips and pulling her nice and slowly then a lot quicker. After literally 2 minutes of going at it like crazy teenagers we were both climaxing and she was really rocking back on forth on my cock and we both climaxed at the same time. She collapsed into my arms and we lied there for a few minutes catching our breath and she stood up and slide her underwear and clothes back on and kissed me told me that is the best fuck I have had in a long while so if I want to get another chance of fucking you again then I better do a good job of cleaning. She went off and cleaned the remainder of the house.

As Jane finished cleaning I asked her if she wanted to have a shower before she left and she said yes but only if I joined her. I said no and that I just want to watch her so she had a shower and I watched and was getting super hard again. As soon as she finished while still wet I pulled her in close again and we started making out again and I lifted her up onto the sink area and started licking her out again. She was screaming with joy and I stood up and started fucking her again and blew my load on her stomach. As she was leaving we could not keep our hands of each other and I walked her up to the front door and she pulled me in close up against the door and kissed me again. I have another RDO in a month or so and I am pretty sure that is the day she is cleaning again.


NSFW: yes

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