(F52) I fulfilled a long time fantasy of being with 3 men.

Hubby and I originally planned to have a foursome on New Year’s Day with our first partner and our new partner, a lovely young man Hubby found on Reddit. I’d long fantasized about getting “air-tight” with 3 guys. Our first partner was moving away and we wanted to open 2023 with a bang. Unfortunately, both Hubby and I got sick and had to cancel our plans.

Since then, our new partner has been coming over almost every weekend. It’s been an exciting and very fulfilling time, so I was disappointed when Hubby told me our friend couldn’t visit this weekend. I’m only allowed to cum during our weekend playtime so I was dreading another “dry” week ahead.

On Friday, Hubby asked me to prep for anal. I was surprised since Hubby and I have long stopped prepping and just accepted there might be some mess. I figured he wanted a special treat or something different that night. I let him know I was clean and ready, but he kept putting me off. It made me suspect something was going on.

The grin on Hubby’s face when the doorbell rang was brilliant. I was shocked to see our former partner and our new friend walking in together. The 3 of them had been planning this for weeks. After much laughter and talking, we went into the bedroom and I finally got to fulfill my fantasy of being with 3 men. It was an amazing experience. Sitting in the hot tub after, just enjoying their business, was also bliss. Both stayed over and I was a very busy girl on Saturday and Sunday as well. It’s been a very memorable weekend.

NSFW: yes

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