[F30/M35] [Fiction] [transformation] one morning, upon awakening from disturbing dreams, Gregory Samsa found himself in bed transformed into a huge insect.

slightly based on kafka, didn’t know which flair to use. that is my first storys, please i will love any feedback.

One morning, upon awakening from disturbing dreams, Gregory Samsa found himself in bed transformed into a huge insect. He was lying on his back, so hard that it seemed coated with metal, and when he lifted his head a little, he could see the rounded brown belly divided into hard arched segments, over which the quilt hardly held its position and was on the point of slipping. the rest of the body, the countless legs, which were miserably thin, flailed desperately before his eyes.
-What happened to me? – wondered. It was no dream. The room, an normal human room, only quite small, was there, as usual, between the four walls that were familiar to him. Above the table, where he was lying, he saw the photo of the wedding day between him and Sara. And you can only think how that ambitious and hot couple became so cold and focused only on their own work. Drugs seemed so happy to us. wondered Gregory. And from below he heard Sara’s voice calling to him.
-Sorry love, I’m sick. She said with a wheeze in her voice that he disguised as a cough
-Do you need a doctor? well i need to go to work, anything just call. She said when Gregorio heard a knock on the door closing.
Dammit, a doctor? Would that ruin their accounts and how would it work? He did his best to pick up the phone to text the boss. a blue notification pop up on the screen and said “No need to come to work anymore. FIRED”.
Shit, everything went from bad to worse. And now what would he say to Sara? How would the financing of the house end being unemployed.
Shit, another day of failure. The blonde came home dejected and opened a bottle of vodka. Shit. greg don’t even leave the room, look like an angry teenager. And he didn’t even take out the trash. Half drunk, she staggered upstairs and slammed the door open.
-You damn lazy cockroach! she screamed hitting him with the bottle and making him crawl through the walls-argh! she didn’t even take out the trash, you’ll see…! spoke in a sloppy, dizzy tone.
Sara returned to the living room and opened another bottle. Shit, was she too harsh? She knew it wasn’t easy for her husband. well it wasn’t easy for anyone. After a few hours of drunken meditation she once again went up to the room which was completely dark thanks to a lamp burned out by the moonlight.
-Sorry for not taking out the trash – Greg said as he sat down next to her.
-Sorry for the bottle, I lost another job today. she said
A clicking sound came from Gregory, the chitinous paws passed around her.
-Thanks! You you…
-You can stop there, I’m your wife, I promised to stay with you.
She collapsed on the bed staring at the dark ceiling and felt Greg’s body beside her. Even in that form she loved his business, they talked about the day and the plan and the future. They at all times wanted to have babies. she imagined what it would be like now, was it efficient.
-Greg. She said getting up and sitting on the insect’s hard lap.
-I want to have babies.
-What? Honey looks at me, plus the bills…
Sara shut him up by putting her tongue in his jaws as she unbuttoned her suit, revealing her pale breasts, tipped pink in drips.
-You at all times liked them! or now you prefer the one of some cockroach? She scoffed, playing with her breasts. Greg, she didn’t answer and just watched the blonde. So long without sex, even before he turned into a bug, the stress only made him sleep before action.
The blonde slowly removed her shirt and stood on the bed. Sara moved her body like a snake, ruffling her hair as her clothes fell off. The wide hips, the gorgeous belly, and the thick thighs with the blond fluff between them were revealed by the light of the light, making Greg’s chitinous body tremble, and he hissed.
-Wow, was it for me? she said, running her hands over the hard shell of his abdomen. -wow, that’s what I’m thinking;
-sara…stop – he groaned, being ignored by her.
Her husband’s new equipment was so…interesting. He was never small, but now…10 inch, soft and sharp looking with a wide hole at the end. She thought what it would be like and licked the ovipositor hole causing Greg to tap his jaws and make a sound of pleasure.
Sara was not an innocent little girl. lately while she wasn’t looking for a job or drinking, she spent most of her time on reddit watching some bizarre porn. She stood up and spread her legs wide. She was dripping. Gregs new penis danced like an anemone in the air desperate to get inside her. With a craving for lust Sara slowly sat on Greg’s abdomen as she was invaded. She didn’t hurt as much as she wondered, but her entire inside was filling up to the point where she could see a bulge in her cervix.
-G-greg….fuck! Sara cry, feeling the ovipositor who twich and move inside her.
Gregory, anwser cliping his mandlibes he had already gotten used to being a giant beetle-like. but this was different. as if it were something ancestral. I don’t want her, but pure savagery. He shifted his large chitinous torso by turning his body over Sara’s leaving her lying on the bed with her legs spread as his ovipositor penetrated her. Memories of him holding their arms as his insectoid mouth salivated sweet nectar that fell into Sara’s mouth. Even if he didn’t know it, his strange biology was preparing her body she, the nectar drool, was a hormonal concoction that sara swallowed. Breed! was what was running through his head. The blonde struggled as if her body was on fire with pleasure, luxury and pain. She felt her breasts ache just like they did in her teenage years and her burning pussy seemed to flow like a waterfall. Yes, she understood what was happening. Her already curvy body seemed to reshape itself for the occasion! The hips seemed to expand. her aching breasts released drops of milk that flowed in a pleasurable release. Her uterus deforming with Greg’s ovipositor was ready for her eggs.
-BREED ME! I WANT CARRY YOU EGGS! she beg in a cry.
The answer came with a hiss from Greg, and Sara could slowly feel the eggs coming out of his ovipositor entering her uterus one by one until they formed a bulge in her belly that could be mistaken for a 6 month pregnancy. A terrifying and erotic scene that ended in ecstasy for the blonde, whose pussy twitched and came in pleasure.
Gregorio fell beside her, his biology demanding too much. He was sleeping. She gave a giddy smile and kissed her husband’s chitinous cheek and followed him into the dream world.
-Shit! she said as she looked in the mirror, admiring her enormous belly and feeling the eggs inside her. And now? who would go against her? And the bills? The house tax? She looked at Gregory who was lying flat on the bed and gave a small smile. Screw it!

NSFW: yes

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