(F25) I showed my guy friend how to fuck…

It’s not wrong for girls to want good sex right? Well unfortunately that is something my guy friend fails at miserably and he has been told by his ex-partners (casual and non-causal) that there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.
I appreciate that he opened up to me about this as you would expect the ‘male ego’ to feel slightly attacked especially when it comes to the “bedroom”. I feel that part of the reason why he opened up to me comfortably was because of all my sexual experiences (that I have actively shared here on Reddit).
I really wanted to help him out. My view is that the best way of teaching someone something new is by showing them and so I did.
I invited him over and guided him by starting with the dirty talk. I drew him closer and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to tell me that he was gonna treat me like the good little slut that I am. I then raised my head a bit to indicate that he should begin kissing my neck, whilst I placed both of his hands on my waist. I told him to do it softly and then slowly get intense with it, he followed what I said so well, my thongs were beginning to be soaked in my juices. As he followed with kissing my neck so intently, I took his right hand and slid it towards my pussy. I wanted to show him that he was doing a good job. He smiled when he felt how wet I was for him.
I could tell he wanted to put his cock right inside of me at this moment, but I told him to take his time and enjoy my pussy. First I rewarded him by sitting him down and going down on him. I took in every inch of his hard cock inside of my slutty mouth. I teased his cock with my tongue and slid my hands up and down. He was trying hard not to cum as he had one hand gripped around the arm of the sofa. His pre-cum tasted so good and I made sure he knew that by the way I sucking his cock.
I then straddled on top of him, grabbed his cock and said that he should play with my clit using the tip of it. I told him to be innovative with the speed, movement and the pressure of the tip of his cock against my clit. He followed and I told him what I liked but I mentioned it’s different with all women, so make sure you pay attention to how she is acting towards what you’re doing. Focus on her facial expressions and how she is touching you in response. It was hard to verbally instruct him as I kept getting distracted by how well he listened and made my pussy feel good.
He kept going and I told him I was ready for his cock, but then I said to him don’t make it easy, make me beg for it to the point where I cannot take it anymore. So he made me beg and it was really hot, it instilled confidence in him to take control. He then put his cock inside of my pussy and it slid in so easily with our juices mixed. I told him to grab my waist and began riding him hard. I told him to play with my tits, kiss them and just do whatever felt natural. He began thrusting me, he was so deep that I began to lean back. I then told him put me in a position where you take control. I laid on my front indicating to him that he should fuck me from behind.
So he pushed me into the sofa, and used the tip of the cock to play with my pussy again before putting it inside. I told him to grab my hair and begin fucking me. Fuck it felt so good. He began to lay on top of me while still fucking me at the same time. I grabbed his hand and started sucking on his fingers. With confidence, he then told me to play with myself while he was fucking me, so I listened and did just that. He then asked me if I was ready for his cum, I moaned that I was ready and begged that he cum inside of me. I deserved his cum after all…
It was only a few minutes after begging for his cum, that he came inside of me. He shot a big load into me and some of it was pouring down my thighs. He laid on me while trying to catch his breath. We cleaned up, I congratulated him as a joke and told him that he was ready to make someone else feel good, but if there was any doubt he could at all times come back and have lesson 2…

NSFW: yes

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