[F25] At the office early, fucked myself with desk tools

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I got to the office early (3:30 am) for a conference call with partners in another time zone. Set things up, got some coffee, and waited for the call to begin at 4 am. *Then* I get an email that they’re having technical issues and are pushing the call to 4:45 am. So…what am I supposed to do for 45 minutes? Especially in an office where people trickle in between 7 and 9.

I was wired from the coffee, alone in the office, and honestly pretty horny. I put it down to ovulation and Reddit. Did I mention I was also alone?

So I started fantasizing and slipping my company casual dress higher and higher. I opened my legs and leaned back in my office chair, raking my nails up my thigh. Normally I would begin rubbing my clit but wanted something different this morning.

I looked around. When you’re horny, it’s amazing how innovative you get. I settled on a pen – one of those fancy felt-tip ones with the business logo. I was planning on taking notes with it but this is much more exciting. I ran a quick sanitizing wipe over it and let it dry while I double-checked that nobody had come into the office.

I started rubbing my clit through my panties with the pen. As a frequent masturbator, it at all times amazes me how different a pen feels than fingers. It’s hard and unforgiving, a little cool at first. There’s an excitement with using tools that I don’t get with my everyday clit rubbing.

After a few minutes I felt myself getting wet so slipped the pen inside my panties so it was directly against my clit. I rubbed it up and down my central slit, enjoying a shiver and a moan as it scraped. I put one leg up on my desk and kept rubbing, getting more desperate. Eventually I slipped the pen into me. Small as it was, it still made me almost cum. (I cum really easily and quickly, especially when something is inside me – a good quality for a slut.)

I was so blind with lust that I figured I should take a breather – plus, edging is fun. So I left the pen inside me, checked my email for updates, made sure nobody else had made it into the office. 4:18 am. Plenty of time. So I pulled the pen out slowly (god, the way my cunt’s nerves spark when I do that is amazing) and looked around for inspiration.

I grabbed a big dry erase marker, bent over the corner of my desk, slipped my panties off, and slipped the marker inside me. The thickness compared to the pen was such a relief – my pussy was craving more. I set up a slow rhythm with the marker, moving it in and out. I had to reach behind me to do this so it was sort of awkward. Then once I had that down, I started grinding against the corner of my desk. It’s wood so was cool and smooth but that hard edge pinched in the best way. I tried to get the corner directly on my clit but was so wet that I couldn’t control it well.

After a minute or two of this, moving the marker faster and faster, I was literally dripping. Moaning. Desperate. I was so close to finishing. Don’t ask me why but I grabbed the pen that was inside me earlier and shoved it into my mouth, sucking it, tasting myself. I came so hard but silently, just quivering endlessly. I had to brace myself on my desk with both hands but the marker stayed inside me, my muscles clamped around it.

I collapsed in my chair and blanked out for…I’m not sure how long. After a bit I came to my senses and wondered “what the fuck did I just do”. I wasn’t embarrassed but pretty shocked at myself. Also proud. It was 4:27. I put my soaked panties back on, wiped down the desk and marker, but decided to not wipe off the pen.

I took notes with that pen during the conference call once I had pulled myself back together. I could smell myself on it every now and then. It seems like a different person who did all that, especially as I type it out (bit by but) surrounded by coworkers. But hey, when you need to be a slut, you need to be one.

And now I’m wet again.

NSFW: yes

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