[F24] My amazing experiences to truck drivers

Dear readers, I am 24.

I would love to distribute this incident with all redditors.

I had very good demand for my looks and I am very proud of them.

Soon after few months with my relationship to my boyfriend [M26], I could sense my bf was taking good care of me and providing all comforts but was not advancing on intimacy or sexual pleasures.

So I started wearing exposing outfits when at home but still he would not show any attention to me. I would kiss him on his cheek and lip for which he too kissed back but he would stop there.

I slowly discovered from my bf’s chat on his telegram user account that he had cuckold feelings as he all the time would click my pics and later he would distribute them with other men in the group and enjoy their dirty chats on my pics.

He also enjoyed watching cuckold porn and masturbating using his hands.

I felt bad and got depressed a lot wanted to complain to my family and breakup with him but stayed silent because of the reputation and society.

I also fought with him for this reason but he still took good care of me.

As time passed things became typical between us and I understood his feeling but I was very much sex deprived, I used to get horny when watching any romantic and intimate scene in movies. I also used my fingers to rub my clit and orgasm while watching porn but I wanted a real man to experience the pleasure.

I expressed my interest to have sex with other men and my bf was so happy and excited.

While discussing how to discover a genuine person, and maintain privacy and safety. my bf suggested he knew a friend of his who too was a cuckold like him and he had trustable contact numbers of a few men.

We spoke to this couple who were discussing their experiences then we got to know about a friend [M31] where truck drivers from far places halted during their long journey trips.

The couple had their best experience with these men as they were very tall and well-built. Had manly Physic like a thick beard and hairy body.

As their long journey trips take weeks, these truck drivers were also very much sex deprived and were very horny as they stayed away from their partners without having sex.

Imagining their experience I too wanted to try it with these drivers, My boyfie too was excited to watch them getting wild on me.

We took the contact number and pics of a few drivers, from this couple and contacted the drivers for a weekend stay, most of them were not available as they were far away, but we found a driver reaching town the next day ( Saturday ) around 11 pm.

His name was Phillip and in the WhatsApp DP pic, he looked around 40 years of age with a little white beard and thick moustache and had tied his long hair behind.

We prepared for the experience, we booked a good hotel room nearby but had to travel a few km from the highway into the city.

On checking with Phillip he said that he will park his truck somewhere safe as there were goods in it and had to park it in a safe place, a place that had few known people who would keep a watch.

So we planned to pick up Phillip from the address on the highway in our car to the room.

I planned to get dressed in a mini skirt and a tight-fitting top with loose hair. As I wanted to tease Phillip at first sight and enjoy him getting tempted. I applied reddish pink lipstick and slight hanging earnings.

The next day arrived, we planned to reach to the location at 9:30 Pm and we left around 8 pm.

We reached the place as planned and waited for Phillip, there were many trucks and many truck drivers were resting.

Many drivers were hugely built and I was turning slightly horny watching them and imagining how they would handle a sex-deprived bitch.

Finally, a truck entered and my boyfie’s phone rang, it was Phillip.

My boyfie went to welcome him and bring him to the car while I stayed in the car. I finally saw Phillip walking towards the car with my boyfie.

Phillip was so tall around 6.2 Feet, with broad shoulders, a thick beard and a moustache, he wore a big stud on his ear, and his muscular hands had a thick bangle-like metal around his wrist.

And his thick fingers had silver rings. Watching all this I couldn’t control getting horny. He was so enormous walking beside my boyfie.

I was slightly getting scared on one side and on the other was feeling shy. Once he came to the car I pretended to scroll through the phone not knowing how to react, my boyfie knocked on the car window glass signalling me to get down to greet Phillip, so I too got down and smiled at Phillip but he was busy running his eyes up and down my body.

My boyfie opened the front door and asked Phillip to get in, and I got in the back seat. But Phillip denied sitting in front and opened the back door and sat beside me.

My boyfie felt excited and smiled at me I acted innocent and was shy and smiled back at him.

Phillip knew I was shy and he started a few conversations with me, he complimented me on my looks. He came near me and I could sense him smelling my hair I got so very horny and was waiting for him to initiate.

While my boyfie drove he also was continuously looking in the rearview mirror at what was happening behind him.

Phillip unable to bear the temptation held my hips and pulled me closer to him and locked his lip with mine, his lip was trying to open mine, I eased my lips a little then he started sucking my lip. I started breathing heavily and my heart started pumping fast. I lost control and started sucking his too and inserted my tongue into his mouth and explored it.

He too grew bolder and started sucking my tongue and then took turns sucking each other.

I got wild and climbed on his lap to get more access to his mouth, my loose hairs covered his face and I could feel his hands massaging my clit over my pants, I got wild and bit his lips hard and we continued for a while and my boyfie finally stopped the car as the Oyo room arrived.

my bf called me to gain my attention and our lips separated and I got back consciousness. We stepped out of the car but my heart was still beating quick. I didn’t want to lose the mood so I quickly checked into the room while Phillip and my boyfie followed.

Me and Phillip hugged he ran his hands through my back feeling my figure, while I was feeling his well-built chest and smelling his body smell. He was sweaty, but I liked the sweaty smell of men a lot.

As Phillip had travelled continuously I could sense he was tired, but I was in the mood and wanted to show him how much I missed a real man, so I helped him remove his shirt and pants and pushed him to the bed.

He was naked now with a enormous 8-inch to 9-inch dick and hairs around it. My mouth started watering automatically I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick.

I too quickly removed my dress, panties and bra and was naked too.

Once I was naked I could see Phillip’s dick become erect to the fullest.

I wanted to enjoy every body part of this bull.

I started from his toes, smelt his feet, kissed them, ran my tongue over them, moved to his thighs and then to his under balls region it was smelling so heavily of his sweat I inhaled it taking a long breadth and licked it and ran my tongue over his balls and then started sucking his balls, Phillip couldn’t control the pleasure and held my hair and guided my mouth to his dick, I understood what he wanted and ran his dick deep inside my throat as much as I could and pulled it out. With just one stroke Phillip became a monster held my hair hard and started stroking his dick mercilessly into my mouth, I felt it difficult to manage his long dick sliding inside my mouth but I liked the dominant nature of Phillip and didn’t want to stop it. After a few strokes, I started to almost cough and vomit due to his deep throat penetration.

Phillip let my hair free seeing me struggle, now it was my turn to dominate him so I helped him wear a condom then climbed on him took my nipples to his lips, pressed them hard and made him suck in cowgirl position and adjusted my hole to his dick and started riding him mercilessly, I could sense Phillip too was matching my rhythm moving up and down.

I couldn’t control it and continued ridding him as fast as I could, I started sweating completely and was dripping, after a few minutes I could sense Phillip relax a bit which was an indication of he had cummed, since he had his condom I couldn’t sense his cum flow inside, but I was in no mood stopping I continued ridding.

After a few minutes, I too orgasmed and leaked my fluids then fell on his chest completely tired.

Our sweaty bodies were completely wet. I still wanted to get up and ride him again but did not have the energy.

I turned to see my boyfie sitting on the chair in the room, he had cummed too and the floor under him was wet with cum, but seeing me he was still jerking with pleasure on his face.

Then Phillip had gone to sleep, and I too slept on his chest and we woke up the next day morning.

Since it was Sunday we stayed the entire time in bed exploring each other, while my boyfie bought us breakfast and lunch. Phillip was wilder today as he had rested and was full of energy. He banged me every 2 hours till evening.

I was completely tired but didn’t want to stop him.

I did all feasible things that I watched in porn, doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, sitting on each other faces while the other person licked the ass, armpits licking… etc etc…

I felt the pleasures like in heaven.

Me and my boyfie also took a few trustable contacts of other truck drivers from Phillip and each of them was looking so ruff and like bulls wilder than Phillip.

These truck drivers were very ruff and dominant, they even humiliated my boyfie, but to my surprise he too likes it.

NSFW: yes

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