[F24] It all started when we were kids…

I come from the south of Europe where sex and incest are taboo subjects. Nevertheless, we are a people which is generally very sex-crazed. Anyway, when I was 15 we used to go to the seaside with my father’s family and have fun there. We were actually a very big group of girls (my cousins and I) and spent a lot of time together. But when we went to the hotel we were told that my 3-4 years younger cousin had to sleep in the same room with us girls, because we had an extra bed. So it really wasn’t bad since we already knew each other and I didn’t fear anything bad.

But what I didn’t know at the time was that both me and my cousin were in the prime of puberty. My body was already very mature at 15 and I masturbated often at the time. But so was my cousin, because he also jerked off often. Often I had heard him on the toilet and found it funny. So one evening when we came back from the beach we wanted to shower, because my cousin and I came rather later in the room, my cousins were already ready and went down to dinner. I asked my cousin if I could shower first so I could join the girls group, he didn’t mind and waited until I was done. When I was done he went into the shower while I was getting dressed, he wondered I had already left the room. That was the moment he came out of the shower completely naked. I saw his big stiff penis and strangely enough I was not shocked at all. Through a brief flirting he had allowed me to look at his dick a little closer, without him noticing his dick was in my mouth. When we just wanted to begin my aunt came in the room and fortunately she did not notice anything.

Now almost 10 years later I met my cousin again after a long time. He has become an adult man. Tall, strong, a beard, handsome (like a southern model😅). After a long evening with some alcohol involved we reminisced about our family vacation and I noticed how he got horny. When I asked him to go to a gas station to buy cigarettes, we both knew that it will now come to what we could not finish then. After several hours of sex that night, a few weeks later a positive pregnancy test came up. Since I didn’t have sex with anyone else, my cousin is the father of my child in my belly….

NSFW: yes

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