F20 first tried anal with my BFF’s ex

When my BFF broke up with her ex, it was very messy, they’ve not spoken to each other since. Which makes it even more bad that the first time I ever tried anal was with him of all people. It was on a night out when I bumped into him outside the bathrooms, we’d at all times had a mutual attraction for each other but we’d never acted on it out of respect for our partners. We didn’t have that restriction here tho. We talked some more, before he got in real close to me. His eyes said everything, holding me as I knew what I wanted. We snuck inside the bathroom together, entering the cubicle as we kept kissing. He was so attractive, my BFF is really unlucky not to have him anymore. He quite quickly took my clothes off, holding onto my boobs as he pressed my body against the wall, kissing me and giving me hickies as I became unbelievably horny. His clothes soon followed mine onto the floor and we had sex. He thrusted inside of me, pounding me, I tried so hard to bite my lip and not make a noise, I couldn’t let anyone here what was going on. But he felt soooooo good and I could barely take him. He soon recognised this tho, and thats when we had anal. I agreed to it as I wondered it would be quieter, and it was, despite the pain it was really good tho. I’ve not spoken to him since then, but I’d happily take anal from him again.

NSFW: yes

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