Eyes Wide Open – Short Series – Part 2 – [M25/F25][Friends to Lovers][Oral][Swallowing][PIV][Creampie][Anal]

I groaned loudly as I stretched under the covers. Reaching over to the other side of the bed, I grabbed James’s pillow, inhaling his scent. He’d been gone to work for hours, but parts of him still lingered around our two-bedroom apartment. For the past week, he’d been sleeping in my bed. Not that I gave him much of a choice. I tried to spend one night in his bed, and I couldn’t do it. The sheets and pillowcases were too rough, and the bed was way too hard for my preference. I made it very clear that if we were gonna sleep together, it would be in my bed, not his. It didn’t take much convincing after he climbed under the covers with me and my high thread count linens.

The past week with James was nothing short of amazing. While I would never admit it, I had all the time liked him. I just never got any sort of signal from him that he was interested in me like that. I don’t know; maybe I did and just didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. It didn’t matter, though, because I could not get enough of him now. Sitting up, I looked at the clock on my night table. Large red letters glared at me, reading 10:14 AM. I took another deep inhale of James’s pillow.

*I don’t want to get out of bed! The sheets are so soft, the comforter is keeping me nice and warm, and this pillow smells of him!*

I had to get up. I was stalling, and I knew it. Closing my eyes, I tried to imagine James holding me tight, but it wasn’t the same. He wasn’t gonna be home for several more hours, and already, I missed him immensely. My thoughts drifted off to memories of our past week together. Much to his surprise, James learned the hard way that I had a very active libido. At least two to three times a day since we first had sex on the couch. Part of me thought if he would be able to keep up. I couldn’t help it though! His dick feels so damn good I can’t get enough of it. I made sure he left for work every morning with his balls drained, like a good girl. I remember the morning after we had sex for the first time, I dropped to my knees and sucked him dry. Little does he know, sucking dick is one of my favorite things to do. I love how much power and control I have over him while his dick is in my mouth. But what really gets me off, is listening to James moan my name right before he is about to cum. I swear, the look on his face when I show him my mouth full of his cum right before swallowing will NEVER get old. Then I give him a kiss and send him out the door.

True to his word, James has been great to me. Never have I had a man be so attentive to my needs, nor have I ever had a man be so attentive in general. I was ranting about how shitty of an interview I had with a hiring manager that day, and without a word, he pulled lotion off my nightstand and started to massage my feet while I vented my frustration. I wondered his fingers were talented when he fingered me… That man’s fingers are pure magic when it comes to massages. Just the other night, I was riding him, playing with his balls, and he came inside me not even a full thirty seconds into our lovemaking. Not only was he incredibly embarrassed, but he was adamantly insistent on making sure I got off, too. By the time he was done with me, half an hour later, he had to make dinner because I couldn’t feel my legs. Hands down the best lover I’ve ever had in the bedroom. Secretly, I am kicking myself in the ass for not seeing the signs sooner. To think I’ve been missing out on all of this for the past five years is just… well, disappointing is the first word that comes to mind, but it doesn’t quite cover how I feel. Loving him has been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It helps that both of our love languages are physical touch and acts of service, but being with him just feels like it was meant to be all along. James has been nothing short of amazing.

As my body slowly started to awaken, I could sense a slickness between my thighs. I had insisted he cum inside of me this morning. Truthfully, my pussy was craving a nice thick load inside of me this morning, and James was all too happy to oblige me. He had been gone for hours, but his seed was still leaking out of me. Every other guy I’ve been with, I was terrified of getting pregnant. I didn’t even want kids. But in that moment on the couch, when I felt James’s cum hit my cervix and fill me with a pleasant warm feeling, I didn’t know what to think. Sure, part of me was scared. Another part of me was excited. Then, when he told me that he wanted all of me and he wanted to begin a family with me, that fear disappeared. It was replaced by a feeling of admiration and pleasant foreboding. At that moment, my heart fluttered, and my ovaries quivered, metaphorically speaking. In that that moment, I wanted more of him. More of his dick, more of his cum, more of his touch. Most of all, something about all of it just felt… right. That said, there has been a bit of side effects. I read about people having a breeding kink, and I wondered it was silly. Now though? I get it. It is not just about the rush of feeling a guy release inside of you, feeling the twitch of his dick inside of me as he fills me up. It is about knowing that I am unprotected and any one of his loads could put a baby inside of me. With James, it is a damned thrill every time he unloads inside of my pussy, and while I’ll never admit it to him, I am addicted. As weird as it feels to admit it, let alone to hear myself even say it in my head, I WANT James to breed me.

With a groan, I threw the comforter off of me as the slight chill of the air-conditioned room wrapped around my body. Swinging my feet off the edge of the bed, I paused for a moment and considered what to do with myself this morning. I felt a little stubble between my thighs and decided to go take a shower first thing. For the first time in a week, I left my favorite suction cup dildo in my drawer. I was horny, sure, even with James’s cum still inside of me, but another side effect of our relationship was that the toy just didn’t do it for me anymore. James’s dick stretches me out and hits ALL the right places for me, plus I can feel him throb inside of me, not to mention the pulsing I feel when he cums inside of me… my toys don’t do that for me.

*Then again…*

I paused at the entrance to the bathroom and turned around, grabbing my phone and the suction cup dildo after all. I stood in the shower, soaking up the hot water for several minutes before I attached the dildo to the wall. I recorded a short clip of me sucking on it, careful to keep my eyes looking at the camera. Then, I recorded myself pushing out some of his cum to lube up the dildo before giving the camera a nice close-up view of it slipping inside of me. I don’t know what it was about James that made him so primal when he saw his cum leaking out of me, but I loved it. I made it a point to moan loudly as I impaled myself on the dildo, switching between my face, my breasts, and my pussy. Satisfied with my work, I sent both videos off to James while he was at work and then finished my shower. I heard my phone ding several times with return messages but ignored them while I washed my hair. Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped myself and my hair in a towel before picking up my phone. A smile formed across my face as I read his responses.

*J: DAMMIT, GABBY! YOU’VE GOT TO GIVE ME A WARNING NEXT TIME! I think half the people in the office know what you sound like when you moan now!*

I couldn’t help but giggle at the wondered of the image of pure embarrassment on his face when he played the video. Let his co-workers hear, I didn’t care. This was all for James to enjoy.

*J: Fuck, that is so hot. Especially how you used my cum to lube up your toy. You’re such a fucking cumslut, and I love it.*

I giggled again, guilty as charged.

*J: Jesus, Gabby. Be careful because this sort of stuff is how you end up pregnant.*

My smile couldn’t stretch any further across my face as I typed out a reply.

*G: Well, that is sort of the idea, James. Hurry home, your hot Latina roommate is ovulating and craving another load in her pussy.*

I stared for what felt like forever at the three little dots as I awaited his reply.

*J: DAMMIT! Of all days, why today? The CEO of the business is supposed to be here for some big meeting that I have to be at. I can’t leave! This is so unfair!*

*G: Oh? Sounds like a big day. Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you when you get home. Just don’t you sneak off to the bathroom and rub one out while watching my videos. I want your balls full when you get home. I love you. Good luck!*

*J: You drive a hard bargain, but fine. I won’t touch myself until I get home tonight. Love you too.*

Satisfied I’d brightened his day, I finished drying off and wandered into my closet, looking for something to wear. Nothing seemed appealing. Pajamas were the most enticing, but I just wasn’t feeling it. A dress? Nah, I had cleaning to do. Leggings? Nah. I plopped down on the bed, grabbing James’s pillow again as I buried my face into it. If only I had something that smelled like him…

*Something like the half-dozen hoodies in his closet?*

I rocketed off the bed and rushed to his closet. I’d borrowed a few of these over the years, but my favorite was by far his University of Texas hoodie. The inside was so soft and it kept me so warm. Immediately, I threw it on, bringing the collar to my face, and breathed deeply. My God, it smelled more like him than the pillow did. I must have sat there huffing his hoodie for a few minutes before I got ahold of myself. I couldn’t help it. The smell of him made my heart flutter and gave me such a warm and cozy feeling. On the downside, the smell of his hoodie made me incredibly horny. I tried to ignore it at first, but it was getting to the point I was starting to ache. I found myself lying on his bed and taking pictures of myself as my fingers worked out the ache between my thighs, wearing only his hoodie. I sent them off to him and waited for a reply as I played with my clit, bringing myself to the edge. I watched the dots as I moaned softly, and then, finally, his reply came through.

*J: That’s it, when I get home, your getting bent over and bred like the dirty little cumslut you are! Also, your punishment for torturing me while at work is you aren’t allowed to wear clothes when I am home anymore. You want a baby in you? I’m going to put a baby in you. Your ovaries won’t stand a chance when I am done with you tonight.*

That did the trick, as I felt my whole body explode with ecstasy and euphoria. It wasn’t a big orgasm, just enough to take the edge off… for now. I stood up off the bed, James’s hoodie reaching down to just above my knees. At 6’ 1”, James towered over my 4’ 11” body. His hoodie was practically a dress on me. Walking into the kitchen, I made a cup of coffee and sat in front of the computer. Checking my email, I hoped to hear back from some potential employers about new interviews, but no such luck. Finishing my coffee, I proceeded to load the dishwasher and clean up from dinner last night. James and I alternated every night on dishes, a routine we had established since our first year at Uni. Tonight was his night, but I wanted him focused on me tonight, not chores. After I was finished, I looked around the living room, straightened things up a bit, and vacuumed. Neither James nor I were neat freaks or germaphobes, but we both hated clutter with a passion. I grew up with four other siblings, and it irked me to no end how messy they were. Nothing else to do, I flopped onto the couch and turned on the Switch.

While James was more of a “PC Master Race” sort of guy when it came to video games, he had a few favorites on the Switch. One of our favorite past times to this day is duking it out against one another in Super Smash Bros. I kick his ass every time with Samus. EVERY. DAMNED. TIME. Today was definitely a Tear of the Kingdom sort of day, though. In the midst of fighting a horde of baddies, I screamed out loud as my phone rang. To my surprise I realized it was nearly 4 PM. James’s face appeared on the caller ID and I answered it.

“Hey Babe, on your way home?”

“Gabby, what are you doing right now?” he asked, voice thick with panic.

*Well, that’s not worrying at all…*

“Just playing Tears of the Kingdom. You should see what I built to take out these-“

He cut me off before I could finish, “Stop what you’re doing right now, in my top right-hand drawer is $200 in cash. I need you to grab that and run to the store to get your fixings for your steak street tacos.”

*I’m not about to turn down an excuse for tacos, but something is up with James…*

“Babe, slow down,” I tried to calm him, “You sound like you’re about to have a panic attack. What is going on?”

“Probably because I am!” I could hear him taking deep breaths over the phone, “We were taking a break from the meeting, and everyone was kind of congregating in the break room eating snacks and shooting the shit. I overheard a gentleman talking about wishing there was a way to streamline workflow processes within the company. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman and started talking about the software program I created for my final project at Uni. Turns out… IT WAS THE FUCKING CEO OF THE COMPANY! Who, by the way, looks NOTHING like his picture on the wall.”

“Wait, is this the same program you’ve been working on since we graduated?” I asked, my mouth agape.

“Yup! Same one!” I heard his breathing start to slow a bit, “He wants to take a look at the program in person over dinner. Then he asked me if I knew any good taco joints around here. Apparently, he’s a sucker for good street tacos. I explained that my girlfriend makes the best street tacos around and invited him over to our place.”

I said nothing for several moments as I just blinked in surprise, not sure what to think or feel.

“Baby? You still there?” he asked, snapping me back to reality.

“Your girlfriend?” was all I could manage to say.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking! It all just kind of came out at once! I just assumed that you and I were… ya know… together now?” There was a long pause from him, “Gabby? Say something, please, you’re scaring me right now.”

“I’m here, James,” I shook my head, “I’m sorry, I just… We’ve been roommates for so long that it’s just weird to hear you introduce me as your girlfriend.”

“Are… Are you mad?” his voice was soft, thick with worry.

A feeling of comfort and love washed over me as I let his words sink in.

“Not at all. I’m actually grinning from ear to ear right now. I guess it hasn’t really sunk in until now that I am your girlfriend. Just hearing you say it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

“Look, I know we had plans for tonight, and this is all last minute. Say the word, and I’ll tell him we will have to meet up another time,” there was a pause before he continued, “You come first, Gabby. I don’t care how much I have to sacrifice. You will always come first for me.”

*This man… I swear I fall in love with him more and more every day.*

“No,” I replied quickly, “You’ve made enough sacrifices for me already. It’s time for me to return the favor. I am going to make the best-damned tacos you’ve ever had. I love you, James, and I am happy to be with you for this big part of this moment of your life. The only thing I am mad about is having to actually get dressed. I was perfectly comfortable wearing nothing but your hoodie while sitting on the couch playing on the Switch.”

“Just… my hoodie?” I heard him say through the phone, his curiosity as clear as a bell.

“Oh, Babe,” I giggled, “Your hoodie has been all up on my lady bits. It’s been keeping my thighs nice and warm, waiting for you to get home.”

I heard him let loose a sigh of frustration before he muttered, “Fucking tease…”

Three hours later, the three of us were seated at our thrift store dining room table. I wore a black dress I normally reserved for gonna parties and the club, but it worked well for a formal dress as well. That said, I showed James that I was not wearing any panties underneath while the CEO was in the bathroom. Not to mention a jeweled plug I had in my ass that I showed him as well. Poor James had spent an hour showing the CEO his program, desperately trying to stay focused. All the while, I could see him squirm with excitement from my little peep show. It was my punishment for him throwing this at me last minute.

The CEO, Mr. Tenner, pushed his plate away, waving the white cloth napkin we only used for special occasions in the air, “Wow, James was not kidding. Those were the best street tacos I’ve ever had. My compliments to you, Gabriella.”

“Thank you, sir,” I smiled at him.

I reached out and took James’s hand, lacing my fingers between his.

Mr. Tenner let out a long breath, “I’ll be frank with you, James. This program of yours has a lot of potential, not just for our company but for practical applications across multiple devices and career disciplines. You’ve been with our company… what, almost two years now?”

James nodded, “Yes, sir. Two years next month. I appreciate the praise, but I still have several bugs to work out, and then I need to rework some of the coding so it will work with smart devices.”

The CEO nodded, “And I appreciate you being honest about the shortcomings of the software. The fact that you have developed this all on your own is nothing short of amazing. We have developers who have spent decades with us and haven’t produced anything with as much potential as you have. I’d like to invite you to move to the corporate location in Tennessee with us and develop this program full-time for the company.”

James immediately looked at me and gave me a sad smile as he squeezed my hand, “Sir, I appreciate the offer, but I am going to have to decline respectfully. The whole reason we live here in Houston is because we are half an hour from Gabby’s family. I cannot ask her to make that sacrifice for me.”

The CEO nodded, “I understand, and I respect that decision. Family is important. Gabriella, what is it that you do?”

*Well, this is awkward…*

“I umm… I’m kind of between jobs at the moment, sir,” I looked down at my empty plate and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, “I have a business degree from the University of Texas, but I lack the experience to get into a decent job to really make something of it.”

Mr. Tenner nodded, tapping his chin, “What if I offered you a job as well, Gabriella?”

*Beg your pardon? Did I just hear that right?*

“Sir?” I said as my head unconsciously tilted to the side, my emotions equal parts intrigued and skeptical.

The CEO leaned forward, looking at both of us, “Let me be very clear on this. Firstly, the company will pay to move you to Tennessee. Secondly, I’m not talking about you working independently, James. I’m talking about you leading a whole development team. This is your baby, you tell them how to build it. However, it is not lost on me that you might not be skilled enough to fully understand the business aspect of running the team, which is where Gabriella comes in. I’m talking about both of you working together to create this new product for our company.”

*Holy shit… he’s not kidding.*

“Respectfully, sir,” James started to say, “I can’t ask Gabriella to up and move away from her family. She, more than anything, is the most important thing in my – OWWW!”

I squeezed James’s hand, hard, nails and all, and shot him a glare as I spoke, “We accept, Mr. Tenner. We would both be happy to accept your offer. This is an incredibly rare and generous opportunity that we would both be crazy not to accept.”

Mr. Tenner burst into a belly laugh and tapped his temple with a finger, “Smart girl! See, James? She’s already helping you out with the business side of things!”

James rubbed the back of his hand where I’d dug my nails in, “Yes, she is, sir. And thank you so much. This is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.”

“Well, I hate to eat and run, but I have a 6 AM flight back to Tennessee tomorrow. I’ll reach out to HR and have them get everything started,” Mr. Tenner stood and shook my hand, “Gabriella, welcome to the company. I have a feeling the two of you will accomplish great things together.”

We stood and escorted Mr. Tenner to the door, saying our farewells. The door clicked closed, and James turned, resting against it, looking on the verge of passing out.

“I love you so fucking much right now,” he said with a long exhale.

I smiled at him, feeling naughty and restless as I pulled my dress over my head, “If you love me now, just wait until I am finished showing you how much I love you.”

In one motion, I pressed my lips to his, my fingers popping his belt loose. His hands grasped the back of my neck, sending a tingling sensation down my spine that ended between my thighs. I don’t know what it was about James, but he was just the right balance of rough and gentle, his hands all the time knowing just the right places to touch to get me worked up. I shoved his pants and boxers to the floor, kneeling before him as I rubbed the tip of his cock against my lips.

“Gabby…” he moaned softly as I slipped him between my lips, letting my tongue caress his sensitive spot.

I looked up at him, knowing every movement of my mouth was driving him wild. I know it because I was going slow, making sure he felt everything. Judging by his blinking repeatedly, trying to focus on the moment, I knew what I was doing to him. My hand caressed his balls as he moaned aloud.

*My God, his balls are full. I knew my teasing him all day was having an effect on him, but his balls are HEAVY.*

I sucked him slowly, sensually. I loved giving blowjobs like this. I loved hearing him moan my name, watching his hands tremble as my mouth overloaded him with pleasure. His fingers grabbed onto a handful of my hair, as I used both hands to stroke him in unison with my mouth.

“Gabby!” he moaned aloud, making my lady bits quiver with excitement.

He was breathing hard, and I could feel his precum spilling onto my tongue even as I felt him swell in my mouth. He was resisting the urge to cum, likely desperate to savor the feeling. Little did he know I was greedy, and I would not stop until I’d drained him of every last drop. This was gonna be a night he would never forget. I knew he was about to explode by the expression on his face, and I WANTED his cum. Cumslut, remember? Finally, my hand returned to his balls, and with one little squeeze, I finally got my reward. With a grunt and a moan, I felt him pulse against my tongue as his initial burst hit the back of my throat, making me gag a little. I doubled down, sucking him hard as I felt every pulse and every gush of his seed fill my mouth. He squirmed as I continued to suck him through his climax.

“Stop! Stop!” he begged, “It’s too much!”

His hands trembled in my hair as his legs quivered. I wouldn’t stop, this was my favorite part! I might be the one on my knees, but I was also the one in control, at least for the moment. Besides, I worked hard today, and I deserved a treat. A nice, thick load of cum is just what I wanted too. Without hesitation, I swallowed the gigantic load, feeling the heat of his seed work its way down my chest to my stomach. I stood up, watching him blink away the residual effects of his climax. Saying nothing, I grabbed his cock, guiding him into the bedroom. Laying on the edge of the bed, I put my legs in the air, my insides aching with anticipation. James laid into me as I pulled him down for a kiss. He was growing soft, so I rubbed him against my clit, teasing myself as I let the softness of my mound caress the tip of his cock.

“Now, didn’t you say something about breeding me tonight?” I said in as seductive a voice as I could manage.

I felt his cock twitch and begin to grow stiff again in my hand.

“You’re serious?” he asked with a smile, “Like you weren’t just saying things to get me worked up?”

“I am dead serious. I love you, James. I never wanted kids until our first night together. When you came inside of me… it awoke something inside of me. Maybe it’s because I’m ovulating, but I have been craving the feeling of your cum inside of me all day. That load you gave me this morning wasn’t enough. I NEED MORE,” I felt his cock twitch again and guided him inside of me, “I want to have your babies, James. Call me greedy, but after this past week with you, I’ve never felt more comfortable with anyone else. Everything with you, with us, just feels effortless. I was terrified of getting pregnant with all of my ex’s, but not with you. I can’t explain it, but deep down, I think I was always in love with you, I just didn’t think you felt the same. Deep down, I think we were meant to be all along. Despite everything that happened tonight, the new life we are about to start together, all I can think about is how BADLY I want your cum inside of me again. I know everything is happening so fast with our relationship, but I’m not scared, nor am I above begging for you to breed me.”

He leaned deeper into me, and I felt his girth stretch me out. His hands wrapped around my shoulders as he scooped me into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist and refused to let him go until my pussy was full of his seed again. He was gonna breed me tonight whether he wanted to or not.

“Gabby, the past week with you has been beyond my wildest dreams,” he said as he slowly pressed me against the bed springs, “I’ve always wanted kids, but I’ve only ever wanted them with you. I can’t help it. You mean everything to me. I’m just happy that I get to call you mine after all these years.”

“I’ll be yours from now until forever,” I said with a quiver of emotion in my voice, and I meant every last word.

“From now until forever,” he echoed in my ear.

I’d like to tell you we had hot and steamy sex all night. You know, hair pulling, spanking, covered in sweat, and each other’s bodily fluids. But that would be a lie. The truth is, it was slow, sensual, and gentle lovemaking. There was lots of caressing and kissing. He only sped up when I got close, and then he would slow down after my orgasm passed. We took our time and enjoyed the slowness and the magic of the moment. He came deep inside me, whispering how much he loved me as he did so. I demanded more, but he was tired. He rolled onto his back, and I slipped him back inside of me as I played with his balls and rode him slowly. Don’t ask me what it is, but there was just something wonderful about feeling him grow hard inside of me again. Once he was fully hard again, I decided on a whim to surprise him for round three. I bit down on my bottom lip as I tugged at my plug, feeling the smooth chrome bulb stretch out my asshole. James had no idea, but I’d made a special trip to our local sex store and bought a few items. I spent the majority of the past week training my ass to handle his girth. I applied some lube around my asshole and guided him gently to it.

He lifted his head up, “Wait, that’s not your-”

I pressed a finger to his lips, “Shhhhh… I’ve been waiting all week for this.”

With a roll of my hips, the tip of his cock was pressing against my ass, and I eased myself back. Despite all of the preparation, he felt way thicker in my ass than he did in my pussy. There was a little pain at first as I felt myself stretch around him, but it was a good sort of pain. I gasped as I felt my ass finally let him in. Slowly, I lowered myself down his length as my ass rejoiced at the feeling of him. I could feel his hands squeeze my thighs as I worked up his length and then back down. By my fifth attempt, his whole length was deep inside of my ass, and I was in heaven.

“Fuck this feels so much better than I thought it would,” I muttered through a moan as I started to ride him.

James’s head was pressing into the bed, and he could barely speak, “So… tight… feels… so… good!”

I shifted with him inside of me, leaning back as I spread my legs wide to give him a good view.

“Gabby… fuck… that feels… Oh, Gabby,” he moaned my name, eyes shut tightly as my ass hugged every inch of him.

I rode him hard, bouncing my ass up and down his length as he moaned my name for several minutes. Two orgasms later, I glanced down, watching as his seed leaked out of me, down to my ass, and down his cock to add to the lube. I felt him swell inside of me as he grew closer to his third climax.

“Babe,” I tried to get his attention.

“Y-yes… B-Baby?” he managed to mutter between breaths.

“I love your dick so much! I wish I’d been fucking this dick for the past five years! I mean, just look how much you have my little asshole stretched out with your massive dick!”

He looked up, glancing between my legs at the sight of his cum leaking out of me, his dick stretching my petite asshole wide. That’s all it took. I felt him tense up and pulse in my ass as he reached his climax. Then his pulsing sent me into another orgasm, and we moaned out as we came together. Moments later, I shuddered as the last of my orgasm rippled through me.

Shifting back on top of him, feeling him growing soft in my ass, I kissed him, “There, now you’ve claimed all of my holes. My body officially belongs to you now.”

He took a deep breath, moving his jaw to speak, and then said nothing.

“What? What is it?” I asked.

He held up a finger, “Technically speaking… There is still your ear hole.”

“EWW!” I laughed, slapping him playfully.

He rolled me onto my back, and we kissed passionately for several minutes before finally getting ready for bed. We took a quick shower together, and we climbed under the covers together. He played with my hair, massaging my scalp to help me relax enough for sleep, and I pulled his arm around my waist.

*You opened my eyes to a new sort of love that I didn’t know existed, James. Sure, it’s gonna suck moving away from my family. But if that’s the price I have to pay to experience this sort of love with you, I will gladly pay it. I feel like such a fool. All these years, I’ve been searching for the right sort of love, and it’s been in front of me the whole time.*

NSFW: yes

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