During the time my cuckolded partner was at home, I [F] was freeusing for another guy [19F]

I lost the bet that the guy was bigger than my boyfriend, so I had to be accessible to him all day. I afterwards visited his house. Then he told me to strip off straight immediately. He then told me to kneel down, squeezing my nipples while I did so. He revealed his big cock once I gave in. I felt like such a slut over there. A little while later, I was holding his massive dick in my mouth while kneeling down naked. When he came, I quickly downed everything. He played with my underwear and texted my boyfriend a couple times the rest of the day.
Then, in the evening, he let me know that a friend was coming over and that I could do anything I wanted. Ofc.
He asked how he had got me to do this as his partner giggled while touching my tits. He said, “She’s a harlot and her guy is a fucking cuck.
He giggled once more and then asked me to lick his crotch. I said, “If he wanted me to.”
He then gave me the command to open my mouth. I followed suit and sucked them both in as soon as the guy entered. Then they decided to utilize me as they watched TV. It was like draining them dry. On top of them. Too, tittyfuck
The two men decided to spit roast me till they both covered my face with 30 minutes to go before the end of the day and my departure. Once he got his phone, the guy sent my at-home partner a photo of myself through email. I left after that and heard a cuckoo when I got home.

NSFW: yes

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