Drunk confessions

Hi everyone, sorry for not being able to post lately. Lots happened on my side, I was drunk and did a lot of bad things. I can tell you about it if you want sometime. Anyway, to make a long story short, I am not the only one that behaves bad when I am drunk, lots of my readers do the same, here are some of their confessions.

Just for those that never read any of my posts, let me introduce myself, I am a doctor/general practitioner (GP), married, I have a gorgeous daughter, and I have a COCK addiction, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

**Boy (18)**

We came back from a small party in a village down the road. The way there we went in fifteen minutes. But after drinking quite a bit we decided to cycle back through the forest. We decided to go fast and it took not long before my girlfriend fell of her bike. She was on her back in the grass, sand and mud and we laughed really hard. I got down to lift her up when we started kissing and then we fucked. The next day I thought why our bed and whole living room was full with grass, sand and mud. The realization only came at breakfast. My gf apparently made some pictures of our adventure in the forest.

**Louisa (29)**

After a nice evening I was dropped off at home, I was totally drunk. I walked slowly to the door when I noticed the son of my neighbours, he is 18 years old. I said hello and he walked me to my front door. I clearly needed some help, but instead of gonna my house we walked to the garage. Then he suddenly started to kiss me and I liked it. Before we knew it, we were having sex. something I normally would never do, because I love my husband, but since that night we have had sex several times.

**Jordy (18)**

I all the time drink a lot of beer when I go out and one night I met this girl, we had a lot of fun. When I needed to pee, there was a big line at the toilets and I could not hold it anymore, so I peed in my glass. The moment I was finished the girl was sudden behind me and she took the glass out of my hands, thinking I got her new beer. I wanted to stop her, but it all happened so fast. And then she drunk it… well, she puked it all out and walked away. Never seen her again…

**Natt (19)**

I went with my ex-boyfriend to his student association in town. There I have been drinking a lot. Then everything started to turn and I went outside. I almost broke my neck when I slipped and fell down on the ground. The police had seen me and took me to the office. I can remember waking up and suddenly finding myself in a police cell. I had nothing left with me and was wearing my jeans and torn open shirt. So, I rang the intercom and started a discussion with the police officers. They didn’t say anything back so I started to get annoying. I decided to sing songs, started jumping in the cell and having fun. I took of my jeans and that moment a sexy cop came in and grabbed me and made It clear that this wasn’t a zoo. That moment I started to touch his crotch and the cop did not move, he did not agree but also did not stop me. I got down on him and opened his pants, and took his dick out. I started to suck him off hoping that he would set me free after this. after some time, he ejaculated in my mouth and immediate I vomited on his cock. guess I had a few drinks too much that night. Twenty minutes later I was outside.

**Mandy (18)**

I went to a party and had too much beer. I woke up the next morning in someone’s bed and a guy was lying next to me. I was completely naked, and completely sticky all over and totally wet between my legs. I thought if I had sex with him, I could not remember anything. Once he woke up, I asked what happened. He said we had sex, but you also had sex with all of my friends. awkward situation as till today, I can’t remember anything. I had contact with him a few more times after that, but never saw him again.

**Louisa (18)**

I was on holiday to Cyprus with friends for a week. I’ve been in touch with the bartender at one of the clubs we’ve been going out with for pretty much the entire holiday. We made eye contact and secretly touched each other. On one of the evenings, I kissed a girl in front of him. He said he wanted to join in and gave me a wink. The next night I saw that girl again and we ended up in the bathroom together. We had super drunk toilet sex. Back in the bar I told the bartender we were going home tomorrow and asked if he wanted to say goodbye. He had seen me kissing the girl and suggested a threesome. I wondered that was a good idea, but he wondered I was joking. I went looking for the girl and asked if she wanted a threesome. On my last day we had a threesome. It was my best experience ever. I didn’t see him or her after that. Fun Fact: we had unsafe sex and in my ovulation period. He came inside me and I loved it. Now I’m five days overdue. And my boyfriend thinks it’s from him, guess all man are bad in counting days.

**Tina (22)**

I lived and worked as a bartender in Rio for a while. When I went to a bar with my colleagues after work, I lost them. At one point I got lost and met a group of people on the way. She told me they were having an after party and asked if I was coming along. Turns out one of these people was a millionaire. We arrived at a very large mansion. Multiple rooms, swimming pool, pool table and a roof terrace with a great view over the city. The millionaire had a boat. He led us to a motor boat. I wondered, wow, this is so cool! But apparently that wasn’t the boat he meant. He stopped the motorboat in front of a enormous yacht. When I climbed out of the boat, the yacht’s waiter asked if I wanted champagne. I did not believe my eyes and ears. That night I got so drunk from all the champaign, and what I did not know, is that those people planned to have an orgy. Before I knew it, everyone was having sex with each other. And without hesitation I joined in. I gave head to every man that night and each one of them fucked me. I had my first sex with a woman and had several man cumming in my mouth. We partied on the yacht until the next morning. Don’t remember everything what happened that night, but I have done things I would never imagine I could do so.

**Mike (18)**

My girlfriend drank too much one night and because she was so drunk. she got home with a guy that night. They had sex and because she was so drunk, she did not know what she was doing. Only later she realized what happened and regrets everything that happened that night. At first it felt like she has cheated on me, but she really did not know what she was doing because she was really drunk. She apologized and told me everything what happened that night.

She doesn’t like to give blowjobs and she gave him one, that is already a sign that she was drunk. Then she also did anal, something she normally would never do. And safe sex, we all the time use a condom when we have sex, but with him she did not used a condom. My girlfriend is all the time so responsible, so this is clearly proving to me that she totally lost control because of the alcohol. We all the time joke that size doesn’t matter, but this guy had the biggest dick she ever seen, she told me that she was scared of it at the start and didn’t like it, but that big dick was able to make her squirt, something I never have been able too with my dick. And now it comes, she all the time tells me that she doesn’t like black men. This guy was black. I guess she was so drunk and confused and wondered that she was home and having sex with me, I love my girlfriend and she would never do something on purpose to hurt me.

please if you have any questions, confessions, or you need some advice, or just horny talks, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

NSFW: yes

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