Dog – Short Sex Story

I was around 12 when I first discovered sex with animals, by complete accident and through personal experience. The family dog was a little black chihuahua mutt we had adopted from the shelter. Up until a few months after we had gotten her, she hadn’t expressed any urges or behaviours that would be considered sexual. She was also fixed so, again, no obvious behaviour.

One day, though, I was in my room on all fours looking for something I had dropped. I was slowly crawling around, trying to feel with my hands where I might have dropped the object I was looking for. I hear my dog walking into my room behind me, but didn’t think much of it as I wondered she was just coming to say hi and see what I was doing. Boy was I wrong.

My pussy must have been giving off a pheromone she liked, because she immediately shoved her nose against my crotch. She took deep sniffs, like an addict huffing cocaine. In my shock, I stayed frozen on all fours for a few moments. Sensing my shocked state, she hopped up on her back legs with her front paws digging at the waistband of the shorts I was wearing. Her claws digging against my skin brought me out of my stupor.

I tried crawling away and pushing her back while I was at it, but that just seemed to throw her into more of a frenzy. She followed, charging past my hand and continuing to try to drag my shorts off of me so she could get to my pussy.

As shocked as I was, I couldn’t help but begin to get turned on by her advances. The claws scratching my skin, the hot breath against my little clothed cunt, the cute whimpering noises my dog started making in her attempt to get through my shorts was getting to be too much.

I caved almost immediately, curious and horny. I got up to close my door so we could have privacy. She continued trying to jump on me, her claws attempting to discover purchase on my leg but not succeeding. As soon as the door latched, I got back down on all fours and started crawling around, parading my ass around trying to drive her more wild.

Eventually, I took off just my shorts, my pussy still protected by my little panties. My dog was grateful for the progress, immediately shoving her nose against my cunt. Driven mad by my scent through the panties, she starting lapping at my pussy through the panties. Her long tongue dragged against my pussy and I got feel the heat and wetness against my clit. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t take it anymore.

I took my now soaked panties off, put my dog on my bed, and settled down against the pillows on my bed. My back was supported by all the pillows behind me and my little dripping pink pussy was on display for my dog. She wasted no time in diving in to lap up all the juices that were running down my little cunny. I gasped at the intensity of her hot tongue against my bare pussy and my clit was on fire since I was so turned on. I tried pushing her away since I couldn’t handle her incessant licking, but she wasn’t having it. She continued to lick me all the way from back to front. Her tongue lapped at my asshole, occasionally dipping in and out of my tight hole causing me to gasp. Then she moved to my pussy so she could drink all the pussy juice that was flowing out of me. She stayed for awhile until she made sure I was cleansed of my own juices, giving me a quick tongue fuck so she could get it all out. She would move up and down between my pussy and clit, and when she got to my clit I became a gasping, squirming mess. I would become frustrated when her tongue moved back down and away from my clit since I was getting close to coming, but she clearly wanted to savour every flavor she could get out of me.

Finally, after becoming impatient, I licked my fingers and started rubbing my little clit. Seeing my rub my clit, my dog came back up and started licking my clit for me. She licked me hard and fast, getting me hot and wet until, eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded into one of the greatest, leg-shaking orgasms I’ve ever had. My dog didn’t stop, though, and my inexperienced 12 yr-old clit was so sensitive it couldn’t handle the continued licking. I had to gently push her away as my cunt continued to pulse with my orgasm. I recovered a few moments later while still having to hold my horny lesbian dog away from my pussy. As soon as I was able, I got up, picked a new dry pair of panties, and slipped my shorts back on. I opened the door and we both went on with our lives as if nothing had happened

NSFW: yes

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