Didn’t know about Squirting until I got a Face full .

Quite a few years ago I hooked up with a sweet girl that was one of my exes best friends . I had at all times really liked her personality and she was married to a guy I worked with..

It was difficult not to keep looking at her figure.. She was wildly over stocked in the booby department , and a cute bubble bootie

Any way after I got divorced I was in this old tavern in Oregon on a Saturday night with a couple guys from work .A good band had people dancing and raising hell..

I felt a tap on my arm from behind , and it was our hot friend Wendy . ” Hi ! Where have you been? Haven’t seen you guys for a year it seems ! ” she said . We moved to a quieter corner away from the loud music. I told her l had been working and building my house in spare time. She looked around the room and said ” Where’s Paula ? she’s here isn’t she ? “.

I explained that she didn’t like Oregon after all and took off with our son back to California . A strange thing happened at that moment . Wendy said ” that’s sad , Tom and I split up last summer.” ” And your here by yourself ?” Yes I replied , and smiled as she took my hand pulled me out the front door into the dark parking lot by my truck .

She wrapped her arms around me said I ‘ve at all times wanted to do this , she pulled me to her and kissed me . We locked lips and made out right in front of the tavern doors . I was blown away , it never occurred to me that she was attracted to me.

In a cloud of dust I followed her to her house by the bay .It didn’t take long to learn that neither of us had been laid in a long time. We tossed each other all over the place , I made her orgasm and shake about three times and I got hard and came twice , but it took a few hours, Wendy didn’t mind at all.

The next weekend we went out to dinner ,then we went to my house . We were in that ” I can’t keep my hands off you ” part of a new relationship/ romance .

We both learned a couple things this night . She learned that I absolutely loved to eat pussy . I’m the rare guy that if I had to choose between a blow job or gobbling the gash , nibbling the nookie , munching the muffin , it’s the pussy munching for me .

I learned that her ex would not eat pussy , ever, never at all .As we were naked and fucking I told her ” thats probably the absolute most tragic thing I’ve ever heard , outrageous .

So I’ve got a nice pillow under her adorable little ass and got busy . I have her legs spread wide as comfortable would allow and her knees towards her chest.

She had the nicest puffy lips . As I parted them with my thumbs the folds surrounding her swollen eger clit were the brightest hot pink color ever .I gently tickled her up from her ass to her clit with my tongue. She was lifting up to meet my mouth as I began to finger her and started sucking her clit hard and running my tongue in and out , up and down.. slurping sounds.

I was really getting into it and she was going completely crazy, moaning and panting , then it happened. She tensed up and with a shudder water (?) began squirting out of the pussy. In my face , on my hands and arm .

I kept working on the pussy but I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to embarrass her , I was freaking out but wasn’t gonna let her know.

I didn’t know if she had a bladder issue ? Did she just piss in my face ? That was my first wondered but it didn’t have any odor or smell .I did know one thing for sure , I didn’t like the adorable little pussy blasting unknown juices in my face and mouth .

The next times l learned the warning signs that I was about to get drenched . I would move outta the way and block with my hand .I never said anything to her about the squirting , I wondered about getting swimming goggles to protect my eyes but decided that would be rude .

I still don’t know what the fluid is… please don’t tell me it’s pee .


NSFW: yes

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