Desire for us to show

So we had all the time been pillow talking about I sharing her with my best friend to which she has all the time been little fearful coz of trust issues. But, we would all the time roleplay as him. And, even when I would not she would take his name when i fuck her just to incite me.

Last time, I asked her if I could show her off to strangers through kik and she agreed to with a condition that no face is to be shown. She posed to some guys, who showed her their dicks. She was equally excited to see them being hard for her and even posed as per what some of the guys asked.

Has been our regular now and its kinda fun. Out of town for now, and cant wait to meet her and fuck her and showing her off.

She would just gracefully show her assets and get excited when some stranger praise her or return her with his assets. I even sent a glimpse of it to one of my friends. She was awkward with this idea but couldn’t withstand the idea of him jerking to her while i fucked her. She even complied by taking his name on my ears while i fucked her. She simply knows that it entices me and she would not leave an opportunity to seduce me that way.

We would not begin it right away but in the middle of the foreplay. Sometimes she would ask to begin it too as well.

NSFW: yes

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